Thong Sala Night Market in Koh Phangan

There are plenty of exciting things to do in Koh Phangan, including shopping at one of the islands bustling markets. The Pantip Food Market, commonly referred to as “Thong Sala Night Market” has a permanent home on the main road in Koh Phangan which runs directly through Thong Sala.

Night markets are a fantastic way to get up close and personal with the local residents on the island. From cheap designer clothing to local snacks and meals, the Thong Sala night market has something for everyone. 

The easiest way to locate the market is by starting from Thong Sala Pier and turning left, then following the main road along until you see a large red sign that reads ‘Pantip Market’.

The Market is open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 16:00 to 22:00. On Saturdays, the bustling market is moved to the road that runs parallel to the pier for an even more sweeping market experience.

Thong Sala Night Market: Types of food

Thong Sala food market

The variety of foods at Thong Sala Night Market is enormous, so we have compiled a list of some examples of foods you can expect to find.

During the week, Pantip Market is mainly a food market offering a variety of foods that cater to vegan, vegetarian, and many other dietary requirements.

Bite-Sized Cakes: These mini appetisers are absolute heaven for anyone with a sweet tooth, and you will most certainly be left craving for more. Cheesecakes, brownies, and other cakes can be found in a selection of different yummy flavors and textures.

Thai Pancakes: Of course, it wouldn’t be a Thai market without traditional Thai Pancakes. Both savory and sweet pancakes are available, with different stalls presenting different flavours. Banana, Nutella, honey, and coconut are some of the most popular.

Meat Skewers:Like most markets in Thailand, you can also get dinner on a stick. They serve options of tofu, chicken, beef, or pork, served with peppers and vegetables that will leave your mouth watering.

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Sweets: Watch your inner child emerge as you spot the array of sugar-covered sweets. From lollipops to chocolate, there really is something for everyone.

BBQ & Smoked Fish: Whole BBQ & Smoked fish, all of which have been locally sourced.

Fried Insects: For those brave enough, there are usually options to try Fried Scorpions, Locus, and other fried insects.

Fried Rice: As you can expect with most of the markets in Thailand, there is a large supply of fried rice which you can combine with different varieties such as egg, vegetables, meat, and fish.

Fruit Shakes: There is no better way than to wash down your meal with an icy cold fruit shake. Flavors include Mango, Passionfruit, Coconut, Watermelon, Orange, Strawberry, Banana, Apple, Kiwi, and plenty more.

Thong Sala Shakes

Koh Phangan Saturday Market – what can you expect?

On Saturday evenings, the market extends to an even bigger assortment of stalls. Below we have named a few of the many items you can expect to find:

Makeup: You will find a few stalls that offer European branded makeup alongside similar Asian brands. Eyeshadow palettes, Lip paints, and mascaras were a few of the products we saw on sale.

Clothes: The clothing stalls vary from hippie attire to what we would describe as a lost and found collection box. The benefit of the markets being, of course, you can barter for a cheaper price than you may otherwise find in shops.

Shoes: Similar to the clothes, it’s very hit and miss with the shoes. Some stalls are selling second-hand trainers, while others are selling rubbery flipflops, grotesque rubber shoes that look like fishes (they make crocs look fashionable).

Jewellery: Quite a popular stall at the market is the jewellery stands. You can find handcrafted bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Sometimes you may even see the seller making the fashion accessories on the spot.

It is common knowledge that haggling is perfectly acceptable in a market, and especially in Thailand. We encourage everyone who visits Thong Sala Night Market to always barter with the seller to try and negotiate the best price. As a rule of thumb, we usually recommend trying to settle a deal that is half of the original asking price.

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Getting to Thong Sala Night Market

how to get to Thong Sala night market


The most preferred way of travel is to hire a scooter, with plenty of rental shops situated throughout the island. The daily rate tends to sit at around 250 baht, and they will ask to keep your passport as a security deposit for the duration of the rental.

When you arrive at the market, you will notice a plethora of scooters parked just outside. It’s free and safe to park your scooter here, just remember to write down the plate as a lot of bikes on the island are the same model and color.


Your resort should be able to arrange a taxi to take you to the market. You can expect them to drop you near the pier and then the rest you can walk on foot which should take you no longer than 5 minutes.


Of course, the last way to get to the Thong Sala night market is on foot. Walking is the cheapest form of travel, but it depends on how far your hotel is located away from the market.

Where to stay in Koh Phangan

There are many resorts, bungalows, and apartments you can rent when staying in Koh Phangan.

The closest areas to the market are Thong Sala and Surat Thani, which is where you should look to stay to be in the heart of the town. We recommend to find the best deal.

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