Things To Do In Koh Phangan When It Rains

Koh Phangan can be heaps of fun, especially when the radiant orange sun pours over the famous beaches and terrains of tropical hills. However, when the occasional rain does hit, many are left twiddling their thumbs. That is why we have compiled a list of 9 things to do in Koh Phangan when it rains.

The first thing to note about the rain in Koh Phangan is that because of where the island is situated, the rain is a kind of warm and tropical rain – and not necessarily unpleasant. With that said, your book will definitely still get soggy. This leads us to our first suggestion…

Indulging In a Good Book In The Local Coffee Shops

Indulging In a Good Book In The Local Coffee Shops

There are numerous Coffee shops on the island, and they make the perfect haven for an afternoon read. Unlike western coffee shops, every coffee has the additional option to be served iced. 

Chill out on the sofas while the air con showers you with fresh air. Doppio Cafe, located in Thong Sala, is a personal favourite of ours.

Meditation And Yoga Classes

meditation koh phangan

Haad Yao is an area you will soon become very familiar with if you’re seeking a slower way of life. Once you have visited some of the yoga classes, you’ll be ready to boast your new moves on the beach when the rain clears.

Some of the top Yoga Retreats/Schools on the island are Orion Healing Center, Agama Yoga, Ananda yoga and The Sanctuary. 

The Challenge Koh Phangan

the challenge koh phangan

If sitting inside waiting for the rain to stop is too dull, the challenge Koh Phangan is open seven days a week to fulfil all your total wipeout fantasies. The water obstacle course was inspired by the famous TV show but has its own unique twist.

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For 500 baht you can have unlimited play on the course but if you do want to take it more seriously then you can be timed and try to secure a top place on the leaderboard- which would be even more impressive in the rain!

Take A Visit To Pure Relax Spa

pure relax spa

With the rain beating down outside why not let a skilled professional beat down the knots in your back. Pure Relax Spa brings 10 years of experience in traditional Thai massages and the professionalism of western beauty standards. 

The prices are a little higher than the surrounding massage parlors but the quality is also better. Prices range from 300 baht to 1500 baht and cater to all needs with their large selection of treatments. To name a few, they offer Swedish, hot stone, oil, traditional Thai and Bali massages, but the list really does go on. You can find an extensive list on their official website.

Go Shopping

Koh Phangan shopping

There are plenty of local shops on the island to escape the rain. Typically, the shops sell all sorts; from genie pants to Buddhist inspired jewellery. You will find that most shops sell the same products, so we advise shopping around before purchasing. Unlike the markets, in the actual shops, you will be lucky to get a discount as the prices are usually non-negotiable.

Get A Tattoo

Koh Phangan tattoo

If you’re looking for a more permanent souvenir to take back home, there is an abundance of tattoo parlors to choose from. Our recommendation would be to go on trip advisor and read the reviews to find one that best suits you as each parlour offers a different style of artwork. Ink Point Tattoo, Southern Ink Tattoo, Tiki Tattoo are some of the top-rated parlours.

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Cooking Class

cooking class Koh phangan

You know that meal you had last night? What better way to spend a rainy day than learning how to cook it so you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. Proud Cooking Classes offer Thai cooking classes.


Koh Phangan waterfall

When it rains is actually a prime time to go visit the waterfalls, and there are a few to try. In the National Park is one of the more iconic waterfalls, if you want to visit this you need to pay the entrance fee of 100 baht.

Visit the Rescued Animals at PACS

koh phangan pacs

Nothing lifts those rainy blues like a pair of big excitable eyes and 4 paws on you. Phangan Animal Care for Strays commonly known as PACS is the island’s Animal Rescue Center, their main goals are to control and monitor the stray animals on the island through caring for the animals and offering medical care. They are also responsible for minimising rabies these animals may have and raising awareness of pet ownership. There are different ways for you to help, you can visit the center to either sign up as a volunteer or just walk a dog for the day.

Now that you have read our 9 suggestions for what to do when it’s raining on Koh Phangan, we hope to have equipt you with the skills necessary to conquer a rainy day.


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