7 Days in Sri Lanka Honeymoon Itinerary: A Romantic Getaway

Sri Lanka itinerary
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If you’re a newlywed couple then finding the best destination for your holiday can be a tricky one, but it doesn’t have to be as we’ve got the perfect Sri Lanka honeymoon itinerary just for you (and your husband or wife).

Sri Lanka really is a beautiful country in the world which boasts some stunning beaches along the dreamy Indian Ocean and in this article, we’re going to be telling you what you can do in seven days on your Sri Lankan honeymoon adventure.

We know you’re dying to see what’s on our Sri Lanka honeymoon itinerary, so let’s gets straight to day one!

Day 1 – Fly into Bandaranaike International Airport:

So, day 1 begins of your Sri Lanka honeymoon itinerary, the bags are all packed, the car is loaded up and you’re ready to start your honeymoon by driving to the airport and maybe even having a celebratory glass of fizz before the flight takes off! In case you didn’t know, Sri Lanka is located in South Asia and is an island nation country with two capitals. The first is Colombo – this is the largest city of Sri Lanka by population and the second is Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, which is the official administrative capital of Sri Lanka.

Anyway, back to the honeymoon! Depending on where you’re flying from in the world you may even need to get two flights to Sri Lanka but it’s definitely worth the annoyance! Even though Sri Lanka is a small island nation country, there are a lot of airports here but most international flights will depart and arrive at Bandaranaike International airport which is where you will fly in to kick-start the honeymoon festivities!

Remember that being in South Asia the time difference from your hometown is more than likely going to be different from Sri Lanka’s so remember to turn the dial on your watch either backwards or forwards. When you’ve got off the plane, gone through security and picked up luggage etc then you might be wondering how to get to the hotel and what options are available from Bandaranaike International?

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

How do we Get to the Hotel from Bandaranaike International Airport?

Good question! We’ve done some researching and there are some pretty amazing luxury hotels in Columbo so let’s say you’re staying in this area, there are a couple of different options that will get you to that luxury 5-star boutique hotel in no time, so let’s see what they are!

Taxi: The Sri Lankan currency is the Sri Lankan Rupee so when something says it costs 3,000 Rupees, it doesn’t mean that your entire budget will be blown on one thing, it will cost the equivalent of a slice of cake and a coffee! There are hundreds of taxis that run from this airport everyday day which are fully air conditioned, so if the yearly 29-degree heat is making you melt then make the most of the taxi ride. A taxi ride to Colombo is around 30 minutes away.

Bus: Buses may seem like a thing you don’t want to catch, especially with all the luggage but it works out just as quick to get a bus than it does to get a taxi to Colombo. There is a direct bus to Colombo which takes 25 minutes, the only problem is that it won’t drop you straight to the hotel door but there’s always the option of getting a taxi from the bus. This bus is 90 percent cheaper than a taxi – we thought you might consider it now.

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Sri Lankan honeymoon
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Day 2 – Visit Udawalawe National Park:

So, for day 2 of your Sri Lanka honeymoon itinerary we thought there’s nothing better than getting stuck straight into some safari exploring and even though this is only the first full day of the holiday this might even be the best trip in the itinerary!

The drive to Udawalawe from Colombo is 3 hours from the hotel so make sure that a hearty breakfast is in place at the hotel beforehand. It might be a long way but it’s worth it as this isn’t something that you can do every day, so make the most of it.

The Udawalawe national park was created to provide a sanctuary for wild animals displaced by the construction of the Udawalawe Reservoir on the Walawe River, as well as to protect the catchment of the reservoir.

Remember to bring plenty of water and sun cream and to also wear sensible clothing, the heat in these areas get very hot and stuffy, especially during the afternoon when the sun is at its hottest so cool cotton clothing is advised and steer clear of anything denim that’s going to be uncomfortable and hot on the skin.

Udawalawe National Park
Photo credit: wsThushansenevirathna @ Wikimedia

What Will Happen When we Arrive?

There will be an entrance fee to pay plus extra for the Jeep (per person) which will take you around the park on a tour. The price of the Jeep will vary depending on how long of a tour you want. The options available are 3 hours, 4 hours, 5 hours or a full day. Each of these jeeps will have a tour guide so they will explain everything about the park and the animals whilst you take in the beautiful scenery and animals.

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What Animals Will we See on Safari?

There’s a whole range of different animals to see here which include elephants, monkeys, crocodiles, pelicans, peacocks, cattle and so much more. This national park is known to be one of the best places in the world to see elephants, so get your camera at the ready!

This safari trail isn’t just about seeing the elephants, if you or your partner is a bird watcher then you’re in for a treat as there are a fair few birds to spot. The birds that live here are mainly Sri Lankan birds like the Sri Lankan spurfowl, Red-faced malkoha, Sri Lanka grey hornbill and the Sri Lankan junglefowl plus more! There are other birds which you may be more familiar with which are the spot-billed pelican, painted stork, eagles and hawk eagles and much more.

As this is dry land you might also see a variety of different lizards running around the park as well as over 30 species of snakes!

The best time to visit are the months of October-April as that’s when you’ll get a better view of the elephants and migratory birds. The birds fly thousands of kilometres to avoid the harsh winter conditions from as far north as Siberia to Yala!

Asian Elephant
Photo credit: Prasadtharanga @ Wikimedia

Day 3 – Visit Beira Lake:

Day 3 of your Sri Lanka honeymoon itinerary is Beira lake. This manmade lake is situated in the heart of the Colombo and is placed in the middle of the city, so it’s surrounded by different buildings. This makes it the perfect place for a romantic stroll and a chance to get to discover what Colombo has on offer.

As Beria lake is situated in Colombo, there’s no need to get a taxi here as you’re able to set off on foot straight from the hotel! The lake stretches to over 140 acres so obviously (unless you like a challenge) you won’t be able to walk around all of it.

Beira Lake started out as a much bigger lake of occupying a area of 410 acres over a century ago but now more buildings being constructed and the area becoming more commercialised, that’s why it’s now only 140 acres. There are a variety of different things you can see when walking around the lake including a Buddhist temple which is a must see!

Beira Lake
Photo credit: Adbar @ Wikimedia

Seema Malaka Budhist Temple:

The Buddhist temple known as Seema Malaka is used as a place of meditation rather than worship and we can certainly see why! The temple is surrounded by the lake with lush greenery and buddha statues which make you feel calm the moment you enter. This temple is part of the Gangaramaya Temple which is situated a couple of hundred metres to its east.

There’s a whole range of things to see in the Seema Malaka temple! There’s a central and northern platform, a courtyard and a museum so let’s have a look at them in more detail:

Central platform: There are a number of Asian seated stone Buddhas along the perimeter of the platform. They are beautifully sculpted and come out well in photos. In the centre is a room with slatted wooden walls. This place is used for meditation and yoga by visitors and devotees.

Northern platform: This platform is sealed and is said to lead to the Treasury of the Truth. This houses a library of Buddhist texts and is only accessible by monks.

The courtyard: This is where the main part of Seema Malaka is. One side of the courtyard is a sacred bo tree and surrounded by buddha statues. The courtyard has small rooms with wooden doors at the four corners. Within these are localised versions of Hindu Gods that the Buddhists worship as Devas.

The Museum: The museum is perfect for finding out about the beautiful temple! Inside you will find a range of objects to look at such as the collections of ancient Sanskrit Ola leaf manuscripts, large sapphires, sandalwood and ivory carvings, brass statuettes of gods, jade & crystal monstrosities, elephant tusks, coins and so much more!

Photo credit: Ama_Dam_Vila via Pixabay

Day 4 – Visit Kandy:

For day 4 for of your Sri Lanka honeymoon itinerary, why not visit Kandy? Kandy is Sri Lanka’s second largest city which is surrounded by mountains which are home to the famous tea plantations. It’s 90 kilometres away from Columbo which means it won’t cost an arm and a leg to get there and back.

As Kandy is a busy vibrant city, there’s lots to see and do here including shopping, visiting museums, Kandy lake, botanical gardens and so much more, you won’t get bored here! However, the most famous sight to see in Kandy is the Temple of the sacred tooth relic.

Sri Lanka has a lot of temples due to the fact that Sri Lanka’s official and oldest religion is Buddhism which is practised by almost 71 percent of Sri Lankan residents. The sacred tooth relic is also known as the Sri Dalada Maligawa and is a UNESCO world heritage site. Since ancient times, the relic has played an important role in local politics because it is believed that whoever holds the relic holds the governance of the country.

The Entrance fee for this attraction is very reasonable for the amount that you’ll be able see. As it’s a religious building there are rules on dress codes that must be followed before entering. If you would prefer a tour guide to take you around the temple then this service is available too, it will cost a little extra but nothing extortionate.

After you’ve visited the temple then we suggest getting a bite to eat somewhere, and with the temple being in close proximity to different bars and restaurants, it would be rude not to!

kandy Sri Lanka
Image by Adam Hill from Pixabay

Places to Eat in Kandy:

There’s a whole range of different eateries in Kandy but we’ve picked out our top three favourite that should hopefully satisfy even the fussiest of eaters!

The Empire cafe: If you like European food then the empire cafe is the place for you and your husband or wife for a delicious lunch! This cafe is situated just a 4-minute walk from the temple. Not only does this cafe serve European food, but also vegetarian and western. Choose from the likes of curry, mac and cheese, vegan burgers, tuna wraps, pancakes and more!

Green park restaurant: If you’re wanting to get stuck into the Sri Lankan culture and fancy tasting some real Sri Lankan cuisine then the green park restaurant can offer you this. The green park is a 30-minute walk from the temple, but you’ll get to see more or Sri Lanka and get yummy food to go with it. With a range of breakfast, lunch, desserts and juice drinks on the menu there’s a whole variety of things to choose. For lunch, how about fish noodles, prawns in hot garlic sauce, or vegetable curry washed down with mango juice or avocado juice?

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Temple Sri Lanka
Photo credit: musthaqsms via Pixabay

Day 5 – Spend a day at Mount Lavinia Beach:

Day 5 of your Sri Lanka honeymoon itinerary is beach day, and there’s nothing like spending the day at the beach with the sweltering hot sun on your body, and that’s when you know you’re on holiday. Mount Lavinia is just a 23-minute drive from central Colombo, so a taxi is ideal to get you there as it won’t cost much.

Swimming in the Indian Ocean might be a bucket list dream and with this beach (along with all others) in Sri Lanka, you’ll be able to tick that off! This beach has sand almost the colour of orange sandstone and is surrounded by an array of tropical plants – perfect when the sun is getting too hot and the wind starts to sweep through your hair.

The sea during their winter months can be choppy and the current will be strong so swimming is not advised during these months, there will be a red flag put up if the sea shouldn’t be swam in. You can still go for a paddle just to get that holiday vibe.

Even-though this beach is beautiful, and you’ll want to make the most of topping up the tan and having beach waved hair, there’s also a lot to do around the beach area including visiting local shops and restaurant. If you feel like the heat is getting to you then why not have a look around some of the shops that this area has to offer?

Mount Lavinia Beach
Image by Priscila Prika from Pixabay

Shopping and Eating Around Mount Lavinia Beach:

We’ve picked out the top two shops and restaurants for you to have a look around for when the sun is getting just a bit too much for you.

Odel fashion store: The Odel shops are a massive chain of department stores situated all around Colombo and close to mount Lavinia beach at just an 8-minute walk! The store has a wide variety of men’s and women’s clothing, some of which are their own brand and others are more well-known brands such as Aldo, Swarovski and Levi’s as well as many more. They also sell jewellery, watches, bags, food and drinks and souvenirs, so you can buy your very own flip flop fridge magnet and remember your honeymoon adventure in Sri Lanka forever.

Buba beach seafood restaurant: You can probably guess from the name of this restaurant that it’s a seafood restaurant and a yummy one too! If, however sea food isn’t your thing then they offer a variety of other snacks such as chips, cheese toasties and nuggets. This restaurant is situated a 25-minute walk down from Mount Lavinia beach and is the perfect romantic place for newlyweds! The seafood on the menu are prawns, lobster, calamari, crab and cuttle fish – a seafood lovers haven.

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Sri lanka
Photo credit: pasja1000 via Pixabay

Day 6 – Visit Ceylon Tea Museum:

If you didn’t know already, Sri Lanka produces a lot of tea each year, 320 million kilograms to be precise and it’s produced in a lot of cities in Sri Lanka but for day 6 of your Sri Lanka honeymoon itinerary, we thought that you can’t visit the tea country without visiting the Ceylon tea museum!

Even if you don’t like tea, we’re sure that you will enjoy this day out in the familiar area of Kandy! Although you would’ve already of visited Kandy, there wouldn’t of been enough time to fit this museum in! If you tell the taxi driver you want to come back to Kandy, then they may offer a special discount on the price.

The museum consists of four floors. The ground floor and the second-floor exhibit very old items of machinery and the first floor consist of a library and an auditorium with facilities for audio visual presentations. The third floor is allocated to tea sales outlets, where a selection of Sri Lanka’s fine tea is available. The entire top floor is a tea cafe – how cute!

On the fourth floor it’s not just the tea that’s amazing, it’s also the panoramic view that you will get to see! If you want a closer look of the mountains and hills, then this can be viewed through a telescope.

We suggest that you wake up early for this one as you can visit the museum and the plant nursery where the tea leaves are grown which is just a few minutes away! The opening hours for the museum are Tuesday to Saturday: 08.30am to 15.45pm and Sunday: 08.30am to 15.00pm but the best time to arrive will be in the morning when it’s less crowded.

Ceylon Tea Museum
Photo credit: calflier001 @ Wikimedia

Tea Anyone?

On the first, second and third floor you’ll get to learn about the history of Sri Lankan tea and on the fourth floor where the cafe is to, you’ll get to take part in a tea tasting session! The Ceylon museum suggests that these steps should be followed in order to get the most flavour out of your tea:

  • Tea is always tasted standing up
  • The tea sample is infused in boiling water
  • The infusion is inspected, taking into account the colour, aroma, clarity and body
  • A tea taster takes the infusion into their mouth with loud sucking sound which mixes infusion with oxygen, letting it travel over their tongue and palate to assess freshness, sharpness, bouquet, and fullness.

There are a range of many different flavours of tea to taste here and if there’s a few that you like then they’re also available to buy.

Sri Lankan tea
Photo credit: Asantha Abeysooriya via Unsplash

Day 7 – Climb Adam’s Peak:

We hope it’s going to be challenge accepted on the final day of your Sri Lankan honeymoon itinerary by climbing Adam’s peak located in central Sri Lanka. You may be thinking why would we want to climb that on the final day before jetting off home? Well as this will make you take 5,000-6,000 steps, we thought it would make you want to sleep through the flight home.

The Mountain is 2,243 m tall and in Sri Lanka Adam’s peak is also known as Sri Pada. It is believed that the first person to discover the Sacred Footprint was King Valagambahu while he was in exile in the mountain wilderness, better known as “Sri Pada Adaviya” (Domain of Sacred Footprint), to escape the Cholians.

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There are six trails which will lead you up to the top and it will take roughly two to four hours to climb each way depending on how experienced a hiker you are. Remember that you will need to take suitable footwear, wear sensible clothing and take plenty of water as you don’t want to get dehydrated. We should also mention that hiking gloves are a must too for holding on to metal rails – the gloves are needed for grip and to stop them burning from the direct sunlight that hits the mountain.

Adams peak

What Route is Best?

The usual route taken is ascent via Hatton and descent via Ratnapura. Although the Hatton trail is the steepest, it is also shorter than any of the other trails by approximately five kilometres. We suggest getting here as early as possible to avoid getting into any trouble when it gets dark. The best months to climb Adam’s peak are January and May when the weather is at its best, in other months it can rain a bit so the rocks will become more slippery.

As this mountain is 7,000 feet up in the air there is a chance of having altitude sickness. If this happens stop and take a rest, sip water, take ibuprofen or paracetamol if there’s a headache and if it’s extreme, it’s probably best not to climb any higher as the feeling will only get worse.

If you’re feeling fine and don’t have altitude sickness then getting to the top can still seem like a long trek, especially if you haven’t hiked before but the view once at the top is one not to be missed. Once you’ve reached the top then there is a bell to ring to let everyone know you’ve made it. Once the bell has been rang then there’s plenty of photo opportunities to be had and as you’re over 7,000 feet up, the clouds might make an appearance in the photos too.

Adam's peak
Photo credit: Manoj Dharmarathne via Unsplash

Is Sri Lanka Good for a Honeymoon?

As Sri Lanka is located in the Indian Ocean and has over 25 stunning beaches, Sri Lanka is a perfect place for a honeymoon! With a wide variety of 5-star hotels, friendly locals and crystal-clear water, this country certainly brings a romantic, relaxing and luxury feel which is just what you want on your honeymoon!

As you’ve just read, Sri Lanka has a lot of things to see and do and all at an affordable cost which is great for when you’ve spent so much on a honeymoon that you won’t want to forget. We would suggest that you jet off to Sri Lanka in the months of April to September as these are the hottest months. October to January will fall into monsoon season.

Where Should I Stay in Sri Lanka for my Honeymoon?

Sri Lanka views
Image by Amanja Hemal from Pixabay

As most cities in Sri Lanka are near the coast, you’ll be spoiled for choice on where to stay, however if you want to go all out then we would suggest the Cinnamon Bentota Beach hotel. This hotel is 5-star luxury and is located on the picturesque Indian Ocean on the gold coast.

There are a variety of different pools as well as having your own access the beach! The rooms won’t disappoint either! This hotel will definitely give you a honeymoon to remember and you won’t want to leave!

So, that’s the end of our Sri Lanka honeymoon itinerary and we hope that you’ve fallen in love with Sri Lanka as much as us! If you’ve enjoyed reading this article, then please leave a comment in the box below.

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