The 7 Best Bars And Nightclubs in Cozumel, A Delight For Partygoers!

Pleasant warm waters, plenty of diving spots to go around, and vibrant nightlife. That’s the unofficial motto for Cozumel. Unofficial because we just made it up! We mean, with so many fantastic things to do on the island, we just had to pick these three.

If we had to choose between the three, we would go with the last one. Granted that Cozumel is a snorkeler’s paradise, but what we were really taken back with was the insanely enjoyable party scene on this cozy little island on the brim of Mexico’s southeast coastline.

The nightlife in Cozumel is so engaging, so flamboyant, that it’s one for the history books. A huge collection of local bars, nightclubs, and restaurants are sure to make your stay full of energy. So sing, dance, and unwind at the most happening places, enjoying the nightlife in Cozumel.

Coconuts Bar and Grill Cozumel

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Coconuts Bar and Grill is easily one of the best tourist attractions and Cozumel bars. Perched on the cliff, it offers a wondrous oceanic view below. Its colorful and funky island decor offers a playful atmosphere packed with fun and excitement to its visitors. The stirring and appetizing seafood menu paired with popping margaritas and drinks is sure to set one in the mood for vacation. We mean, we have all dreamed of vacationing at a bright beachside spot while we toast to the best ceviches in town, right?

Its many regulars, both tourists and locals, and their encouraging, positive reviews are a testament to just how amazing this spot is! Its reminiscent Caribbean experience is well quoted by a customer as “a hidden gem and truly not ever to be missed” on Tripadvisor reviews. If you like tangy Mexican seafood and want to enjoy a variety of drinks at the bar afterward, there couldn’t possibly be a better place in Cozumel! This Bar is certainly a must-visit if you are in Cozumel. The splendid views from the rocky cliff and the lovely macaws of Coconuts Bar and Grill await you! 

Senor Frog’s Cozumel

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This international restaurant and bar is perfect for party-lovers. If you are one who likes to go wild with your friends every once in a while, Senor Frog’s is the answer! Does it get better than a beachside nightlife restaurant and bar with a specific party ambiance? Balloon hats, large glasses of beer, and a rusty but colorful interior are what Senor Frog’s is all about. The place boasts a cheerful and humorous touch, making its visitors’ experience thoroughly enjoyable. Its classic Mexican menu is hailed as one of the best in town. Brief but delicious, it also features a range of excellent starters and a kids menu section, making it a suitable family hangout destination as well.

Tripadvisor especially features Senor Frog’s in the list of the best Cozumel bars and Nightlife spots. The servers have been described as particularly cheerful and welcoming, making the overall experience a happier and joyful one. We recommend Senor Frog’s at Cozumel Pierside. Whether you are with friends or family, celebrating, or just going out for a night of good food and drinks, this place has got you covered. A night full of balloon hats, amazing food and drinks, partying, and fun awaits you at Senor Frog’s at Cozumel.

La Internacional Cerveceria

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If you are a beer enthusiast looking for an excellent bar that caters to your superior taste, then look no further! This place features not only craft beers but also a fine collection of international brews from over 33 countries. The three-story attraction has a lovely terrace and windows that overlook a lovely view of the beach. If this isn’t enough, they’ve got some wonderful live music to amplify the stunning vibes and atmosphere. Although La Internacional Cerveceria doesn’t offer food, they don’t have any strict policies that restrict you from bringing any with you. 

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The bar is very convenient if you are not looking to spend too much. One of the most economical Cozumel bars, most of the items on the bar menu range between $3 to $6. What’s more, customers can pay in either the US or Mexican currency. Its cozy atmosphere and the endless variety of available drinks make it the go-to place for beer-lovers. We mean, who doesn’t want to indulge in a high-quality overseas blend every once in a while. And that too on a budget! It surely doesn’t get better than this. This one-of-its-kind bar at Cozumel is one that you just have to check off your list when in Mexico!  

Wet Wendy’s Cozumel

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There’s nothing quite like live music to set one in the mood to party. Wet Wendy’s is the one place in Cozumel that embodies entertainment in its truest spirit, encouraging both variety and quality. They have an excellent stage built just for this purpose! Wet Wendy’s offers live salsa every Wednesday, as well as a revolving schedule of real jazz, comedy, rock bands, and special events. Nightlife in Cozumel doesn’t get better than this! Aside from the music and partying, the drinks at Wendy’s are the talk of the town. The margaritas and cocktails are simply phenomenal, demonstrating taste, creativity, and freshness. Their list of margaritas is especially popular, with most customers praising every item. 

Aside from the dancing, partying, music, and the well-stocked bar, the food at Wet Wendy’s has also done its part to earn it the reputation it enjoys today. The seafood is cooked fresh every day. They offer Mexican, American as well as Caribbean cuisines. Oh, and they offer outdoor seating too if you’re in the mood to enjoy some beachside breeze. We can all easily agree that Wet Wendy’s is the complete package. Whether you are in the mood to party, enjoy tasty drinks or have some delicious snacks, this place is for you!

Alberto’s Beach Bar and Restaurant

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There’s nothing quite like outdoor beachside evening dining in Mexico! And Alberto’s Beach Bar and Restaurant is the best place that offers this splendid experience. Whether you’re out partying, having a cheerful dinner with your family, or going for a romantic sunset dinner, Alberto’s is the place for you. Fresh flavourful seafood is what sets Alberto’s apart. Lobster tails, Mahi Mahi, Red Snapper, and whole King Crab are the highlights of its dining menu. Oh, and of course the Mexican must-haves: tangy nachos, spicy quesadillas, and fresh tacos.

One of the best Cozumel bars, Alberto’s Beach Bar and Restaurant proudly boasts Tripadvisor awards for five consecutive years! Its Tiki torches and bamboo umbrellas create an unmatched ambiance. Watching the sun go down as you enjoy your fresh catch of the day under the orange sky? Who wouldn’t be down for that? What’s more, Alberto’s also offers a range of various activities to entertain its followers. These include wave runners and parasailing, snorkel and glass-bottom boat tours, fishing tours, and island tours. So, you can explore the ocean during the day and dine by the beach at sunset! 

Mezcalito’s Beach Bar and Restaurant

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Mezcalito’s is all that you look for in one of the classic beach Cozumel bars. This beach bar and restaurant at Cozumel is located on the east side of the island. A very breezy vibe dominates the locations with its white sandy beach and the vivid blue waters. Mezcalito’s wooden adult swings and hammocks are quite popular with its visitors. Its shrimp, burgers, and margaritas are sure to put you in the holiday mood. We could not come across a better summer spot! The setting is very natural and serene, with the turtles coming in to lay their eggs at the beach every year. 

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Its selection of burgers, fajitas, and tacos are the highlights of its mouthwatering menu. The rusty beachside decor, complete with surfboards and floating rings, is just what you expect from a beach bar and restaurant! Whether it is daytime lunch or evening partying, Mezcalito’s is the perfect spot. Ocean surfing and beachside lounging and activities are especially facilitated by this Cozumel beach bar and restaurant. It is a low-key classic beach bar, tucked away from the crowded commercial hot zones. This particular feature makes it a favorite for its regulars and tourist visitors. 

Beachclub Buccanos Bar and Grill

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This vacation spot at Cozumel especially caters to the nightlife aspect of tourism and enjoyment. But apart from that, it is a complete vacation daytime package with numerous outdoor activities for its visitors. These include a large sparkling pool, access to the sandy beach, kayaking, jet-skiing, parasailing, and snorkeling. Located on the northern shore, Buccanos Bar and Grill features an excellent restaurant and bar with amazingly fresh seafood cuisine. Buccanos cuisine and decor successfully combine the contemporary with the traditional, offering an entertaining and amusing blend of excitement and fun. With its exquisite night-time lighting and setup, Buccanos at night is an experience that you won’t be forgetting anytime soon. 

One of the best Cozumel bars, Buccanos menu features a varying selection of cocktails, mocktails, and wines. What’s more, its menu also caters to vegetarian customers! Its seafood tacos are the best ones, known in all of Cozumel! Fine dining by the beachside doesn’t get better than this. Buccanos has different menus to cater to the different moods and the variety of its customers. We are sure you’ll find your type of food and activities at Buccanos. Its reviews reveal a very high rate of customer satisfaction, with most describing an unparalleled experience at this Cozumel bar and restaurant!

Is Cozumel safe at night?

Cozumel is known for being especially safe for tourists given one of its main attractions is its vibrant nightlife. The crime rate is incredibly low in Cozumel as there is an active multilingual police force on the island. However, precautions are always good no matter where you travel. As Cozumel is a tourist destination, be wary of petty thieves and pickpockets.

What is Cozumel known for?

Cozumel is best known for its warm waters offering an exciting opportunity for scuba diving and snorkeling. It is also known for the warm, tropical weather which is kept cool by the oncoming winds from the Caribbean. Cozumel is a fantastic tourist destination boasting incredible nightlife and cozy gift shops.

Is Cozumel too touristy?

Cozumel is popular as a cruise ship port and can get a little more touristy when cruise ships dock during the day. However, most ships leave by the afternoon or early evening and it becomes far less busy. Since the people left on the island are tourists that are staying in hotels along with the locals, the nightlife in Cozumel remains a joy.


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