Best Surf Spots in Kuta Lombok: Make the most of Indonesia

Lombok is pitted as the less popular sister to Bali. But why should that be so? Lombok is considered to have fewer tourists on average and better beaches. Indeed, it is seemingly far more untouched than its sibling. All the better for adventuring—especially if you are a bit of a water baby!

To make the most of Indonesia, we have gathered the 5 best surf spots in Lombok, starting with Kuta.

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Best surf spots in and around Kuta, Lombok

The term ‘best’ is a tricky one really. It all depends on your experience and what you are looking for. We have put together 5 of the best spots around Kuta, from those beginners waves to the gnarly tubes.

Selong Belanak Beach 

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Being the best beach to learn to surf on the south coast, Selong Belanak is popular with tourists so can be busy. The powdery white sand and gentle waves make it a destination for everyone, from surfers to loafers. If you are new to the hobby, there are plenty of surf rental spots with a day’s rental and lesson setting you back around 350,000 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). That’s around £2!

The lengthy beach has plenty of spots on the beach to relax and buy food and drinks. Definitely a great spot for a whole day of adventure and relaxation.

Mawan Beach

For surfing beginners who are into peaceful quiet beaches, this one is king! The deceptively calm waters and soft white sands are wonderful for a serene dip and some tanning. But, if craving consistent waves to brush up those skills, Mawan is abundant. Smaller wave sets and a soft sea floor make for the perfect playground without suffering badly from a wipeout. Only bruised egos perhaps.

Just 30 minutes from Kuta’s centre, best times for surf are likely to be early mornings or during the rainy season. Generally this begins around mid December and wraps up mid February. But don’t be fooled, Indonesia has a surprisingly constant climate, varying only by a few degrees from season to season. It may get wetter, but it won’t feel too cold!

Are Guling Beach

Said to be one of the best surf spots in Lombok on the south coast, and 15 minutes from Kuta! This beach can play host to some beautiful barrels that wouldn’t be too daunting to an intermediate level surfer wanting to up their game. Waves of 2.5 to 3 metres can be fairly strong, and best visited during wet season if wanting a good challenge.

The drive to the bay is also a rare beauty. Long, clean waves can be seen crashing along the coast from the road. Beware though, this spot can get pretty busy during peak times.

surfer in a mini barrell
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Seger Reef

A short 1.2 mile hop east from Kuta sits Seger Reef. This is the place to find larger waves without being too far from Kuta. The clue is in the title, so watch out for the reef. But, its presence can make for some pretty epic waves when the timing is right. Wet season, avoiding windy days, is generally accepted to be the best time to take this on.

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You wont find much in the way of barrels here, but some long clean waves with minor breaks make this a playful spot. Well worth it for a good leg workout on the board!

Gerupuk Fishing Village

This whole village deserves a special mention due to being spoilt for choice! The bay holds a host of different surf spots, some more intense than the others. For an easier ride, head to Gerupuk Inside, as it promises long lean waves. Great for beginners wanting more of a challenge, or intermediate surfers looking for longer rides.

Alternatively, head over to Gerupuk outside right—so called because of its solid right-hander. Meaning waves break from left to the right of the shore. The outside right plays host to larger waves, but watch out. These waves can really move! Great for experienced surfers, or intermediates keen to test their surfing chops.

Other spots within this bay are known as Don Don and Kiddies. Closer into the village, these spots boast longer smooth waves, that can often form smaller barrels. Great for some easy lines, clean breaks, but also a bit of beginners challenge at certain times of the day.

Where else can you Surf in Lombok?

Bali is the go to location for many travellers looking for a mix of nightlife whilst being a beach-bum. But as we have already seen, Lombok has a lot to offer. Whilst Kuta in Lombok has some pretty decent surf spots surrounding, there are some great options further afield.

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With decent swells and clean, open barrels that are also great for intermediate to experiences surfers, this is one that is best surfed during the drier months. Which is something of a rarity.

Due to the strong currents, and the strength of the waves that are produced, great days can prove a pure joy to tried and tested professionals. Conversely, Mawi can see less swell and shorter waves that would suit an adventurous beginner. High tide is generally better for newbies and hobbyists. Quite simply, this beach has it all! But it is wise to do your homework by checking the surf forecasts before you take a visit.

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A warning to all surfers – Photo by Art Videophoto

Desert Point

For title of best surf spot in Lombok, Desert Point could just nab the crown. It could even be up there with some epic locations in Hawaii and Australia.

The epic surf haven sits on the south west point of the island, a three-hour drive from Kuta. It boasts some pretty intense barrel formations of crystal clear waters. Similarly to Mawi, best times to visit is during the drier months, between April and September. Though even then, this spot is said to be inconsistent. Even so, it is worth the wait, as professional surfers have been known to catch barrels of up to 20 seconds.

Fair warning, however, these waves are not to be trifled with. If your interest is piqued, you would do well to visit a few times and simply watch the masters at work. The shallow reef below could really do some damage if you don’t know what you are doing.

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What else can you do in Kuta? Adventures and Activities

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Kuta is often confused with Kuta in Bali. But the two are vastly different. Whilst Kuta in Lombok is well placed and set up for tourism, it is smaller and more peaceful. It does have a lot to offer, however.

The beautiful beaches dotted along the coastline are not just for surfing. And the awesome Batu Payung rock formation and glorious sunsets over Bukit Marese are spellbinding. Hire a motorbike in Kuta and you could spend days exploring.

You could spend a morning checking out the beautiful, Insta-worthy Bangkang cave. Yes, it is a bat cave, but don’t let the smell fool you—this place is magical! Head to the cave just before midday, as the sun sits overhead, the light that comes through the holes in the rock will leave you spellbound.

Lombok is full of waterfalls. And, like most people, you will probably want to stop by a few on your travels. Kuta has you covered with the Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu Waterfalls. This little gem hold not one, or even two but five waterfalls!

If natural beauty isn’t your thing, you can spend hours and days wondering the streets, sampling the culinary delights of Indonesia. The cuisine is generally fresh, healthy and beautifully cooked. Plus, there are lots of options for vegetarians and vegans.

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So, which is the best surf spot in and around Kuta?

We have a winner!

Whilst there are some pretty intense surf spots to be had in Lombok, top pick would have to be Gerupuk Fishing Village just outside Kuta. The choice is obvious for the sheer amount of spots to catch a wave. Whether you are a seasoned hobbyist, or a total novice, Gerupuk has something for you.

Whilst places like Desert Point and Are Guling could hold bigger, better barrels on the right day, Gerupuk’s bay is spoilt for choice. This means you will generally be able to find the right waves, and some space to play in them.

Perfect for a little surf tourism!

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Surf Spots in Kuta and Lombok: it doesn’t stop there!

Whilst Bali has its draws, people are beginning to wise up to Lombok’s ulterior charms. As surf tourism becomes bigger, and many people are ditching the ‘9 to 5’ in search of a digital-nomadic lifestyle, these havens within Indonesia become more appealing as a place to set up shop.

Kuta’s charm, and the many surf spots within reach, make it the jewel of Lombok. Perhaps it is time to dust off those board shorts and get back in the water?

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