Koh Phangan Muay Thai (The Best Gyms On The Island)

Are you planning a visit to Koh Phangan? Whether you are a professional fighter or have a sudden interest in Thailands national sport, squeezing some Muay Thai into your travel itinerary is an activity not to be missed.

No matter if you are looking for a Koh Phangan Muay Thai gym that caters towards beginners, or you’re looking for a professional fight camp to train at, there are lots of choices available.

To help with your decision, we are going to share with you some of the best Muay Thai gyms on the island.

Best Muay Thai Gym’s In Koh Phangan 

Muay Thai (otherwise known as ‘Thai Boxing’), is the national combat sport in Thailand. This cultural martial art is known as the “art of eight limbs” as it involves using the use of fists, elbows, knees, and shins.

If you want to learn Thai Boxing in Koh Phangan, we’ve taken a look at a few gyms you may want to consider.

Diamond Muay Thai Koh Phangan

By far the most renowned gym on Koh Phangan is Diamond Muay Thai. Operating since 2011, they have made a name for themselves by offering one of the best Muay Thai camps in the South of Thailand.

Most of their trainers are past champions and belt-holders, giving you peace of mind that you are learning from the best of the best.

diamond muay thai

The gym offers a range of packages, including one to ones, group sessions, weight loss specific classes, and ‘train and stay’ options. No matter your ability, Diamond’s team of talented trainers will help you take your fight skills to the next level.

Perhaps a massive contributing factor to the gyms great success is the family-orientated atmosphere they have created. They take pride in stating they are not a factory, but a family.

Opening Hours: 8:00 am – 18:00 pm
Prices: One To One’s (600 THB), Group Sessions (400 THB)
Location: 145/8 Moo 1, Nai Wok, Koh Phangan, Surat Thani 84280

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Jomhod Muay Thai

If you’re looking for an introduction into Muay Thai, Johmod Muay Thai located in Ban Tai is a fantastic place to start.

Jom Hod, who is originally from Bangkok, was an ex-professional fighter with over 100 fights under his belt. After retiring from the sport, he started to teach others the skills that he has acquired over the many years of practice.

jomhod muay thai

In 2010, Jomhod Muay Thai gym was born, which resides near the Hacienda Resort in Koh Phangan. Being one of the first instructors on the island to welcome international students, he has built an admirable reputation as an outstanding teacher.

Jomhod gym welcomes students in all levels of abilities, from the casual holiday-goer to professional fighters who are looking to further their career.

Opening Hours: 8:00 am – 18:00 pm
Prices: One To One’s (600 THB), Group Sessions (300 THB)
Location: 116/18, Ban Tai, Koh Phangan, Surat Thani 84280

Phangan Muay Thai & Fitness Gym

Located in the bustling town of Thong Sala is Phangan Muay Thai & Fitness gym (opposite the Tesco Lotus side entrance).

Unlike other boxing gyms on the island, the gym is fully equipt with both a Muay Thai and traditional fitness gym, giving their students the added benefit of strength and cardiovascular training.

phangan muay thai and fitness

Phangan Muay Thai was the first Muay Thai gym in Koh Phangan resulting in over 15 years of experience. They offer training to both Thais and foreigners of all levels and ages. They try to keep their classes small to maintain a low student to trainer ratio.

The gym also boasts a fully-stocked shop that sells a mixture of Muay Thai gear including gloves, shin guards, pads, and Thai shorts.

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Opening Hours: 7:00 am – 20:30 pm (Mon – Sat), 12:00 pm – 18:00 pm (Sunday)
Prices: One To One’s (700 THB), Group Sessions (400 THB)
Location: 214/9 M.1 Thongsala, Koh Phangan, Surat Thani 84280

Muay Thai Chinnarach

Muay Thai Chinnarach is a highly reputable, well established, and an authentic Muay Thai camp in Koh Phangan.

Muay Thai Chinnarach

Master Chinnarach is the founder of the camp, and a two-time world champion (also known as ‘The King of the South’). Chinnarach is highly accredited/certified and recognised by the board of boxing in Thailand.

The gym offers onsite accomodation for those that want to train and stay on site. If you would like to train with a professional champion who has over 250 fights under his belt, then Muay Thai Chinnarach is worth a visit.

Opening Hours: 8:00 am – 10:00 am, 16:00 pm – 18:00 pm (Mon – Sat), Closed (Sunday)
Prices: One To One’s (600 THB), One to One with Master Chinnarach (1,000 THB), Group Sessions (400 THB)
Location: 148/22 Ko Pha-ngan Sub-district, Ko Pha-ngan District, Surat Thani 84280

Muay Thai Camp Koh Phangan

muay thai camp

If you truly want to immerse yourself in the art of Muay Thai, then the most guaranteed way is by staying at one of the many Muay Thai Camps on the island.

The camps usually offer an all-inclusive package that will include your training, accommodation, and sometimes even basic meals. It’s an excellent opportunity to meet other fighters and to take your training to that next level.

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