11 Best Khao San Road Hostels in Thailand, Bangkok (2023)

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You’re never too old to go backpacking around the globe and visit some world-famous landmarks. The thing that may be off-putting for a lot of people is the price it can cost to visit all of these places. One country that every backpacker must cross off their list is Thailand, and in this article, we’ll be revealing the 11 best Khao San Road hostels in Bangkok, so you can spend less on accommodation and more on visiting different areas.

We’ll be sharing everything needed to know about the best Khao San Road hostels from price to facilities and location to breakfast. So, let’s get straight to it and see what our first Bangkok hostel is!

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Golden Pagoda Hostel & Cafe

Golden Pagoda Hostel & Cafe
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When people mention staying in hostels, usually what springs to the imagination is dirty, unclean rooms which you have to share with strangers. This might be true for some places in the world, but it certainly isn’t for the Golden Pagoda hostel and cafe.

Moderately priced, this hostel gives the feeling of clean as soon as you’ve stepped through the front door with tiled flooring and wood interior throughout. There are two rooms which are available to book out, both offering bunk beds for sleeping, the first one being a mixed gender room that will sleep up to 12 people and the second is a woman only room which will also sleep up to 12. We know what you’re thinking if travelling solo, sharing with 11 other people may seem daunting but these beds come with a pull across door for privacy if social interaction isn’t your thing.

These rooms also come with free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a TV, minibar, telephone, towels and of course a shower and toilet facilities which are located outside of the room.

The Golden Pagoda also has its own cafe where you can tuck into some great traditional Thai food including tom-yum shrimp, stir fried pork basil, fried Thai suki, garlic with sea food, vegetarian pad Thai, vegetarian glass noodles plus lots more – all of which is as cheap as chips!

As well as getting all of this, the hostel also offers its travellers a free breakfast, so that’s something else to not worry about spending money on!

Tales Khaosan:

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Our second Khao San Road hostel is the Tales hostel which costs around $20 per night. This hostel has two mixed shared dorms which will be shared with both men and women so if you feel uncomfortable sharing with the opposite sex, then this hostel won’t be the one for you.

With 24-hour reception service, there’s no need to worry about a delayed flight that won’t get in until 3am, just remember to phone the hostel and tell them you will be a little late otherwise the bed will be resold again after 6AM without advanced notice.

The two dorms have exactly the same layout and facilities but one of them will fit eight people and the other will fit 12. Both rooms will have bunkbeds, privacy curtains, reading light, air conditioning, locker, wifi, free unlimited-day after-check-out luggage storage and shared shower and toilet facilities.

There is also one private room in this hostel which comes with a queen size bed, mirror, locker, wifi, free unlimited-day after-check-out luggage storage and a shared shower and toilet. This room is great for couples or travellers of two who don’t mind sharing a bed with each other.

We should quickly mention that the Tales hostel also allows non-guests to use the shower facilities in which a charge is incurred, so if you don’t like the thought of that, read on until you find a hostel for you!

The staff at this hostel can deliver hot and cold drinks to the door which will come at an extra cost but of course nothing too expensive! Choose from matcha latte, hot chocolates, americanos, peach lemon tea, apple cold brew and much more.

Suneta Hostel:

Khao San Road
Photo credit: elcarles78 via Pixabay

Our third accommodation in our best Khao San Road Hostels list is the Suneta hostel which is near Khao San road at just a five-minute walk. This is one of the best hostels we’ve spoken about so far due to its traditional Thai interior and cleanliness that is noticeable throughout the hostel from the reception desk to the shared shower and toilets.

The cost of the hostel is around the same as the previous two. Inside of reception there are sofas and a seating area with a TV which has a chilled-out vibe and a great place to go if you want to get out of the room. This hostel has a range of private rooms and dorms including mixed gender dorms and a women’s dorm that will sleep up to six people.

There’s a lot that this hostel can offer, inside the rooms and in the other facilities including free WI-FI, shared laptops, free printing, TV in cabin dorm, international satellite TV and laundry service. In the bathroom area there are free towels to use, hairdryers and personal lockers.

Unlike the others, this hostel has its own kitchen area which is available to use 24/7 which has everything that a kitchen needs including a fridge, kettle, microwave, coffee machine, dishes and glasses. There’s even free hot drinks and snacks to keep you going as well as free breakfast in the morning.

If you encounter any problems in the hostel, then the friendly staff are always more than happy to help out and make sure you have a great stay.

Bed Station Hostel:

BED STATION Hostel Khaosan
Photo credit: booking.com

Our fourth accommodation in our 11 Best Khao San Road Hostels is the Bed Station hostel which is a five-minute walking distance from Khaosan Road. As a guess we think that this might be your favourite hostel we’ve spoken about so far!

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There’s plenty of room if travelling with friends as at this hostel, there’s over nine rooms to choose from and they include and eight bed female dorm, eight bed mixed dorm, 14 bed female en-suite dorm, 12 double-bed mixed dorm and all the way up to an 18-bed mixed room dorm! The price of this hostel per night depends on which room you decide to go for. The more people that’s in the room, the cheaper the price will be.

All the rooms come fully equipped with key card access, air conditioning, lockers, privacy curtain, reading light and clothes hanger.

Unlike the others, there’s plenty to do out of your room in this hostel and if you’re a bit of a social butterfly, then there’s no reason not like the Bed Station. There is an outdoor saltwater swimming pool, a bar that extends round to the pool, a garden terrace, smoking area and a pool table – plenty to keep occupied with.

If fitness is your thing then at this hostel there is even a gym, not a massive one but there’s enough equipment there to keep fit throughout your Thailand holiday in Bangkok.

The staff at the hostel are there to answer questions 24/7 and for extra security, there’s a CCTV camera outside as well as security guards.

Darin Hostel: 

darin hostel bangkok
Photo credit: booking.com

Our fifth accommodation option is Darin hostel which is just a two-minute walk away from the Khao San Road area. This hostel is one of the more expensive that we’ve spoken about but still no way near as expensive as a hotel.

Unlike the others, this hostel offers a more private and homely feel as instead of bunk beds and room sharing with 10 other strangers, the Darin hostel offers their guests their own rooms with toilet and shower facilities that you don’t have to share!

There are three rooms on offer, and they are a double room for two adults, a single room for one adult and a triple room for three adults. If staying in the triple room, then there will also be a balcony attached to the room, so you’ll be able to see views of Bangkok.

These rooms offer free WI-FI, daily housekeeping, a 24-hour reception team and something a little different that Darin offers is a hair a beauty salon! The different services that can be offered in the beauty salon are a full-body massage, head massage, foot massage, neck massage, back massage and Sauna.

If you fancy get out of the hostel and exploring more of what Bangkok has to offer, then this hostels just a 15-minute walk from the National Museum and a 20-minute walk from Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

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Ploen Bangkok Hostel:

Socialising with friends
Photo credit: Priscilla Du Preez via Unsplash

Our sixth accommodation in our 11 Best Khao San Road Hostels is the Ploen Bangkok hostel. This hostel aims to bring travellers together and give them a good social experience.

There are five different available rooms to choose from and they are a four-bed dorm, eight-bed dorm, eight-bed female dorm, ten-bed dorm and a private room. The rooms are all clean and tidy and are made to feel homely with cushions and pictures on the wall.

The bathrooms and showers are separate but they’re also very clean and tidy and just like the rooms, these give off a homely feel too. Khao San Road is great for nightlife and this hostel is juts a five-minute walk away from where all the action is, so you can party the night away and then only have to walk five-minutes back to Ploen.

The prices of this accommodation will all depend on which room that you want to sleep in. The dorms which have more people in will cost less than the ones which are only a four-bed dorm or private rooms.

There is a common room at this hostel which is the perfect place to hang out and meet new people. Even if travelling solo, don’t feel afraid to go in and start speaking to new people or people who have arrived in large groups as this is the best way to make new friends along your travels.

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AlphaBed Hostel:

Photo credit: jenszygar via Pixabay

Our seventh accommodation in our 11 Best Khao San Road Hostels is the AlphaBed hostel which is situated near the Old Town District of Bangkok, but only just a three-minute walk from Khao San Road where all the nightlife action is happening, full of bars and clubs.

The AlphaBed hostel is the most expensive hostel that we’ve spoken about so far and compared to some of the others, it’s almost triple the price – but it’s all dependent on personal preference as to what you want to hostel to have.

This is a large hostel which has a clean feel, helped out by the white interior inside including white walls, floors, sheets, bathroom and eating area so if there was any dirt anywhere, then trust us when we say that you would be able to spot it immediately.

There is just one dorm here which is mixed gender and the beds are bunk beds. All rooms are fully air conditioned and by the beds there are plug socket to charge up mobile phones and also a reading light as well as a curtain to pull across when it’s time for bed.

You’ve probably guessed it, but the shower and toilet facilities are shared but they’re very clean with nice interior. The reception desk is open 24-hours a day and there is also a communal area with computers and free WI-FI to use as well as a shared lounge/TV area, ATM on site, ticket service and tour desk!

Sleepyhead Hostel:

Sleepyhead Hostel
Photo credit: booking.com

Our eighth accommodation in our 11 Best Khao San Road Hostels is the Sleepyhead hostel. This is one of the best hostels for being near to amenities such as cafes, music shops, boutiques and bars. The hostel is also surrounded by historical sites, such as the Grand Palace, the Temple of Dawn, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha plus more, all within a walking distance.

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The rooms that this hostel offer are one double room, one triple room and two mix dorms with shared bathroom. In the bathrooms there are hairdryers free to use and complimentary shampoo and soap, so there’s no need to rush out when you remember that you’ve forgotten to pack it.

In the mixed dorms there are bunk beds and these all have a cabinet to store luggage in, a curtain for privacy, a reading light and phone charger. There’s no need to worry about not feeling secure at the Sleepyhead hostel as the doors to the rooms can only open with a key card and there is also CCTV outside and inside the main areas of the hostel.

You can start off the day by taking advantage of the hostels free tea and coffee and breakfast or if you fancy making something yourself then there is also a microwave and fridge, so if you want to buy a snack for later, then keep it fresh by sticking it in the fridge.

There’s a table with TV in the kitchen area which is great for socialising with others or a place to go and sit when you want to get out of the room.

Bodega Khao San Party Hostel:

Pool Party
Photo credit: Cassie Gallegos via Unsplash

Bodega hostel is one of the largest hostels in Thailand, and as you’ve probably guessed from the name, this hostel is for anybody out there that loves a party and not someone who wants to get some early nights ready to wake up feeling fresh the next day.

There’s a range of seven different rooms to choose from which include a deluxe twin private room, deluxe double private room, four-bed mixed dorm, eight-bed mixed dorm, ten-bed mixed dorm, 12-bed mixed dorm and a 16-bed mixed dorm! All private room have air-conditioning, rainfall showers, free Wi-Fi and storage for luggage.

This hostel offers a range of different event nights to get you in the party mood which include a Bangkok pub crawl. The Bodega has its very own swimming pool with swim up bar which is perfect for when the sun is getting a little hot and you need a cool down.

This hostel also offers a range of other different facilities including chill out areas for when the party is getting too much, a cinema room which is great if you’d prefer a night off from partying, free luggage storage, 24 hour reception, laundry service, lockers, a bar and its very own restaurant which serves up delicious traditional Thai and Western food.

As well as the restaurant serving up Thai and Western food, they also serve an all-day breakfast and have a range of special drink promotions.

NapPark Hostel:

NapPark Hostel
Photo credit: booking.com

Our tenth accommodation in our best Hostels series is the NapPark hostel which has recently been renovated to give travellers a calm, peaceful and spiritual stay. The fact that it’s been renovated means that you know everything is going to be new, fresh and clean.

The rooms that are offered in the NapPark hostel are economy, standard, female only and a superior room with the aim to make guests feel like they’re staying in a hotel rather than a hostel. Inside the rooms you’ll be able to find a private TV, adjustable reading lamp, power sockets for charging mobiles, mirrors and Wi-Fi.

This hostel has a wide range of different facilities which include a games and activities room, phone, library, TV and DVD player, laundry room, a take a nap lobby and computers with free wi-fi access so you can upload pictures of Thailand onto social media.

NapPark also have their very own cafe called Tamarind Tree Cafe. The cafe offers breakfast and hot drinks and is an outdoor cafe so when having a strong coffee and a bite to eat you can also watch the world go by and do some people watching. The cafe also has various different pieces of artwork inside to have a look at.

This hostel is walking distance to some tourist hotspots including Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall which is a decorative museum with multimedia exhibits on the Rattanakosin era.

Charoendee Boutique Hostel:

Wat Arun Bangkok
Photo credit: CarinaHofi via Pixabay

And lastly, our eleventh and final pick is the Charoendee Boutique hostel which is situated just a one-minute walk away from Khao San Road! As this hostel is a ’boutique hostel’ it’s not laid out like a conventional one which has dorms. Instead the Charoendee has two rooms, one twin room with a shared toilet and a standard single room with a shared bathroom. All rooms come with free Wi-Fi.

The facilities that this hostel have are a laundry room, ATM-Cash Machine on site, 24-hour reception desk, a bar with smoking area and non-smoking areas, a shared lounge, gift shop and a restaurant which serves a free breakfast for paying guests, lunch and dinner. There is also an outside area to sit in if preferred.

This hostel is one of the cheaper ones in our list and if the price doesn’t make you want to book the hostel then being close to so many locals attractions definitely will as just on your doorstep there’s Bangkok City Pillar, markets, libraries, lots of restaurants and a ferry service.

So, that’s the best 11 hostels in Khao San Road spoken about! If you’ve enjoyed reading this article, then please leave a comment in the box below and give us a ‘like’ on Facebook! If there’s other areas of Southeast Asia you’d like to visit, the give the article below a read.

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