The 9 Most Beautiful Islands Near Brazil (2023)

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Many of us dream of jetting off to a place with white sands, blue seas and clear skies. Why not try escaping to the beautiful islands near Brazil? Brazil’s collection of beautiful islands will provide you with all of the relaxation, luxury and blue skies that you have been craving. These beautiful islands near Brazil are guaranteed to give you your best holiday yet!

There are over 20 Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, that are well known for their tranquillity and their Instagram worthy views. These Islands, just off of the Brazilian coast, really are the perfect destinations for crystal clear seas and beautiful beaches. With all of these spectacular destinations to chose from, it can seem difficult choosing just one location to runaway to for your holiday this coming year. After months of working hard during your regular day-to-day life, the last thing that you want to do is stress over where you should take your next holiday. To help you, in this article we are going to explore the 9 most beautiful islands near Brazil.

This article will give you all the information that you need to find the perfect holiday among the best islands in the world! Every location will have its own unique perks and will all offer different experiences. Whether you want to bathe under the Brazilian sun, swim in crystal clear waters or explore the wonders that these islands have to offer; this beautiful corner of the globe will definitely have the perfect Atlantic escape for you!

Fernando De Noronha

The 9 Most Beautiful Islands Near Brazil
Photo by thiago japyassu from Pexels

Fernando De Noronha is an archipelago of 21 beautiful Islands that are located just 354 kilometres off of the Brazilian coast. The Islands rest on a volcanic eruption and have been declared a Natural World Heritage Site by Unesco thanks to their array of marine life, golden beaches and crystal clear waters. To protect these stunning islands, Fernando De Noronha limits their number of visitors and those who do visit must pay an environmental preservation fee to enter the islands. This makes these islands in Brazil the perfect, quiet retreat for couples or solo travelers who want to escape their busy lives at home and have a week of total relaxation.

All 21 Islands are guaranteed to provide adventure to anyone from anywhere in the world. Located in the Atlantic, the waters of Fernando de Noronha are often listed as the most beautiful waters in the world due to their placement between mainland Brazil and the Atlantic Ocean. These incredible waters mean that many of the popular activities on the islands are for those who know how to swim! Scuba diving is incredibly popular here, with the possibility to observe corals, dolphins, turtle and even sharks! Another favourite of many tourists is surfing, if you are particularly keen on this then you will need to go between December and February.

Getting to this Islands will require two flights or one flight and a ferry. All international flights will land at Guararapes International Airport, in Recife, and further flights are then taken to Fernando De Noronha. Once you are safely on the island, transport from place to place is fairly easy! These islands in Brazil offer tourists the chance to rent out their own car or buggy, use a public bus or even cycle around Brazil’s picturesque landscapes.

Ilha Grande

The 9 Most Beautiful Islands Near Brazil
Photo by Borislav Krustev from Pexels

Ilha Grande is located in the state of Rio De Janeiro and makes up a small part of the tourist region of Costa Verde. This is an island full of history! Before colonization, the island was the home of Native Tamoios who called it Ipaum Guaçu (meaning ‘Big Island’ in Tupi). There is good reasoning behind this name too! Ilha Grande is one of 187 islands that make up the largest Archipelago on the coast of Rio De Janeiro.

This historic island has a host of interesting attractions that represent the Islands great history and culture. Among these attractions is Pico do Papagaio – a glorious mountain that takes around 3.5 hours to hike. The journey up this mountain provides panoramic views of the island and is said to have one of the greatest sunrise views on this beautiful island. For those who prefer the water, why not try canoeing around the island? This activity will take you on a memorable journey through the crystal waters and along the sandy beaches.

This island prides itself with stunning infrastructure alongside the wonders of its natural habitats. You will find luxurious campsites at The Praia do Aventureiro or you could stay in the main city of the island, The Vila do Abraão which offers many guesthouses and restaurants for tourists to enjoy.

Ilha De Tinhare

The 9 Most Beautiful Islands Near Brazil
Photo by thiago japyassu from Pexels

If you truly want to escape from the rush of everyday life, Ilha de Trinhare is perfect for you. No cars are allowed on this island which means that you can sit back and listen to the blissful sound of the ocean, the tweets of tropical birds and the enchanting sands without that faint sound of an engine that always seems to appear! The island is home to some glorious beaches including Gamnboa beach and Quartra Praia- both offer white sands and clear waters.

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Despite its reputation of quiet, Ilha de Tinhare does not skimp on exciting things to do! Here, you can zipline from a lighthouse, grab cocktails at scenic bars, go snorkeling in the blue sea or explore one of the five small villages that inhabit this island. If you go during carnival season, you will be able to enjoy a culture-filled display of dance, costume and music which will really make you feel like one of the locals.

This beautiful Brazilian island has many options for places to stay in. Fall in love with the sunset scenes at Pousada Caeira or feel cosy at The Hotel Village Paraiso Tropical. Each hotel is beautifully decorated and full of character- you will have many options to take some great holidays snaps! Ihla De Tinhare is also conveniently close to Sao Paulo – a vibrant city in Brazil great for hitting the clubs or grabbing some delicious food.

Alcatrazes Archipelago

Islands near Brazil
Photo by thiago japyassu from Pexels

Alcatrazes Islands are located in the northern coast of Sao Paulo state, just 35 kilometres south of Sao Sebatiao. This island is famous for its marine life and is protected by the second-largest marine conservation unit of Brazil. Interestingly, the islands supposedly sit in the original shape that they were 2.5 million years ago, making them a jaw-dropping natural habitat for an array of tropical wildlife. Alcatrazes Archipelago is made up of 5 main islands and 4 unnamed islets. The largest island in this Archipelago is called Alcatrazes island and stretches just 2.5 kilometres in length.

Due to its natural state, this island is very biodiverse. In 2019, 1.3 thousand different species were registered to inhabit the land, 93 of these were classified as endangered. These species have been preserved by the little human activity that has taken place on this island- until December 2019 the island was completely closed to visitors.

Now, many people dive in the islands waters each year. Here, you will see an array of tropical marine life within the corals. People are now allowed to stay overnight at the island however, there are rules that tourists must follow to preserve the land and protect the local wildlife.

Ilha De Sao Luis

Ilha De Sao Luis
Photo by Fabian Wiktor from Pexels

Ilha De Sao Luis is a large tropical island located in the state of Maranhão, Brazil. The island is the larger of the many that surround Brazil stretching 1410km. The island is vibrant with activity, taking place in the 50 most populated islands in the world. There are 4 main cities situated on the island with Sao Luis being the capital. If your idea of a holiday is cocktails, restaurants and entertainment then this might be the island for you!

Being a highly-populated area, Sao Louis is full of culture and business. You may find your self tucking into local cuisine at a family-owned restaurant or buying handmade goods from a market. Tourists mainly flock here for the gorgeous beaches and stunning hotels but, the island also has natural beauty.

Sao Louis provides the perfect mix between busy, activity-packed and a relaxing tropical getaway. This would be a great destination for young families who want to go to the islands of Brazil as there is no pressure to be quiet.

Ilha Trindade

The 9 Most Beautiful Islands Near Brazil
Photo by Tyler Lastovich from Pexels

Another tropical archipelago paradise is the beautiful Ilha Trindade. This cluster of islands is located in the south Atlantic ocean on the east coast of Brazil (1140km off the mainland) and stretches at just 8km long. With a population of just 32, this archipelago offers natural beauty, peaceful beaches and crystal clear waters. The islands were originally volcanoes so have mountainous terrain-perfect for those who love to hike!

Ilha De Trindade is Portuguese for ‘Trinity Island’- reflecting the beauty and diversity of the island. The islands are largely barren so act purely as an attraction for tourists who may be interested in the history of the Brazilian archipelagos. Why not take a boat through the beautiful blue Atlantic waters and see these incredible islands for yourself?

The reason that the island has such a small population is that it is made of entirely volcanic terrain making the land extremely rugged. Trindade is in fact the only part of Brazilian territory where volcanic cone can still be recognised, making it a treasure trove for geologists. Trindade is also an important nesting ground for Green seaturtles- the islands have the largest rookery of this species in the world! The islands also boast large populations of seabirds which attract many interested tourists.The island is currently occupied by the Brazilian Navy and is not open to tourists.

Ilha de Marajo

The 9 Most Beautiful Islands Near Brazil
Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels

Ilha de Marajo is a ‘giant’ island of 40,000 kilometres in the state of Para, Brazil. This eccentric island is located in the Amazon river making it home to many exciting species. One of the main attractions on the island are the beautiful beaches that bring in tourists from all around the world. Popular beaches include Praia Do Pinheiro and Praia Do Pesqueiro.

This island is also famous for its animals, water buffalo are the symbols of the island on which they live with butterflies, sloths, aquatic fish, and alligators. Walking around this breathtaking island will feel like you have stepped straight into a safari as animals are reared to roam free among tourists. You could be hiking right next to a water buffalo! The water buffalo are a huge part of society on the island and are used to pull carts or even as taxis.

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Ilha De Marajo prides itself in expressing culture and encouraging tourists to embrace its native folk. If you enjoy shopping for travel souvenirs, you will be able to find yourself a traditional handcrafted jug or vase. For those who like an action-packed holiday, you are welcome to cycle along the beach or go horseback riding on farms. There is something for everyone on this natural beauty.

Ilha Do Mel

The 9 Most Beautiful Islands Near Brazil
Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

Ilha Do Mel, also known as ‘honey island’, gets its sweet name from its picturesque landscapes and stunning views. As you read on, you will surely be able to picture yourself at this most idyllic island in the world. Ilha Do Mel is surrounded by the most preserved Atlantic forest in the country meaning that no vehicles are allowed on this island and only 5000 tourists can visit at a time. The urge for preservation has left the island in pristine conditions with gorgeous, sandy coats lines and crystal clear seas.

The island can be visited all year round and offers a variety of restaurants and lodges for tourists who spend their days strolling along admiring the natural beauty. One of the most attractive beaches is Praia Encantada which is popular for surfing and has stunning sunset views.

The best time to visit this enchanting island is from December to April to experience the stunning sunsets and the best weather conditions. There is no bank on this island, nor is there a pharmacy. When you visit you must come prepared. The breathtaking sights on this beautiful island are worth this short break from normality.

Ilha Do Campeche

The 9 Most Beautiful Islands Near Brazil
Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

Ilha Do Campeche is an archaeological haven off the south coast of Brazil. It has been marked as a heritage site and is open to controlled visitation – to preserve its natural state. On this island, you will find hills covered with Atlantic rainforest and clear waters which are brilliant for snorkeling. However, if you do delve into these beautiful waters, beware of the jellyfish!

Getting to this island is an adventure itself. Tourists are taken by inflatable boats from Campeche beach, which can carry 40 people per day to the island in high season (December until March). When you arrive at the island, you must pay a preservation fee that goes towards maintaining the natural beauty of Ilha Do Campeche.

The best time to go to Ilha Do Campeche is during high season which is December 15th to March 15th, as the waters are calmer so it is easy to travel to the island. Calm waters also make it easier to relax at the beach, go snorkeling and enjoy the beauty of the island. Tourists are only permitted to stay at one location of the island, Praia da Enseada, but can walk through the wonders of the landscape as they please.

island in brazil
Photo by Henrique Malaguti on Unsplash


Does Brazil have any islands?

Brazil is surrounded by plenty of small islands and archipelagos in the Atlantic ocean. The biggest archipelago (cluster of islands) is Fernando De Noronha, which has 21 individual islands and islets. Many of the islands in brazil are made of rocky terrain and where originally volcanic sites however, many of these have now been inhibited by local people and are open to tourists. The islands in Brazil are popular for their beautiful beaches, clear waters and idyllic sunset views, they also hold a range of rainforest wildlife and tropical marine animals.

Which island is located in the east of Brazil?

The island of Trindade is located in the east of Brazil and is the result of a large volcanic eruption deep in the Atlantic ocean. The island has a small population of just 32 but is home to the largest rookery of Green sea turtles. The island has a rocky terrain, making it perfect for wildlife.

Trindade is a well-preserved island that is best seen by boat. Due to its small population, there are no places to stay on the island but it can be easily accessed from surrounding islands for tourists who want to take in the natural beauty and maybe even spot some wildlife.

Where is Fernando De Noronha located?

Fernando De Noronha is 345km off the Brazilian coast and is part of the state of Pernambuco, Brazil. This archipelago consists of 21 islands and islets covering an area of just 26km. The only island that is inhibited in Fernando De Noronha is the main island which has a small population of just 3101.

Fernando de Norona islands are made from the visible peaks of submerged mountains that delve below the sea. The islands are a large attraction to tourists throughout the year offering brilliant marine life and stunning beaches.


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