Is Lombok Safe? (Tips, Tricks, And Things To Do)

Volcanoes, majestic blue waterfalls, white-sand beaches, and surprisingly soothing ambience; Lombok is one of Bali’s often overlooked neighbours.

But safety in Lombok can be a concern – the risk of earthquakes, volcanoes and petty crime is extremely real. If you add drunken tourists on-holiday into the mix, you will probably be asking, “is Lombok safe?”

That is why we have created this guide – to equip you with all the information necessary for staying safe in Lombok.

In this guide, we will be discussing a whole range of topics from the risks of volcanoes and earthquakes to whether it’s safe for a first-time traveler in Lombok – and just about everything in-between. We’ll be covering Lombok in its entirety.

Perhaps you’re a solo female traveler who is concerned about being kidnapped and the idea of traveling alone, or maybe you’re just wondering if Lombok is family-friendly. No matter your worry, we have created this guide to help.

Is Lombok Safe? (Our Take)

lombok safety
Photo by Nick Agus Arya on Unsplash

For the most part, Lombok is very safe. There is certainly an element of danger (just like with most counties in the world) – but generally speaking, Lombok is perfectly safe place to visit. 

Lombok is located east of Bali, most known for its beaches and surfing spots. If you’re planning a trip to Indonesia, you should definitely consider visiting this beautiful Indonesian island. 

Lombok is home to one of three active volcanoes in Indonesia. Mount Rinjani is located in the north of Lombok and reaches heights of up to 3726 meters, making it the second tallest volcano in Indonesia.

Although modern technology allows analysts to identify when an eruption may occur, there is nothing that can be done to stop them. Volcanoes can be devastating when they are bad, just like in 1963 when Mount Agung erupted and killed nearly 2000 people. 

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With volcanoes come earthquakes. Earthquakes are another dangerous threat in Lombok.

Combine these natural disasters with human threats: e.g. theft, drunken tourists, and scammers, then you can see why safety in Lombok may be a concern. 

However, even after taking into account the different threats in Lombok, the chances of you experiencing any of these events are extremely slim – and that is why we still have no issue in saying that Lombok is very safe.

How safe is Lombok to Travel? (The Facts)

children playing in lombok
Image by Joseph Samson from Pixabay

Lombok is definitely safe to travel. The island welcomes around 3,000 visitors a day – and this number is growing.

By far, the biggest risk in Lombok is a natural disaster. One of the biggest quakes was back in August 2018 killing over 500 people. Since then, there have been a number of smaller quakes on the island.

With that said, life on Lombok continues as normal. A natural disaster can certainly disrupt travel here, but nothing to date has stopped the many tourists who come to visit. Thousands of people still visit Lombok each day, and the island is prepared if an incident does occur.

It’s safe to visit Lombok right now, but just be cautious of current geologic events, and what to do in the case of an emergency. Protect your money from pickpockets!

Keeping your money safe from theft and pickpockets is essential when traveling on the road.

A Travel Safety Belt is an effective and affordable way of protecting your notes, cards, and cash.

Lombok Travel Insurance

Have fun in Lombok, but always make sure to get travel insurance! Even if you’re only going for a short time, you should always take out travel insurance. Take our word, travel insurance can save you thousands of pounds – so make sure to get it before you leave.

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We highly recommend using Safety Wing, but there are many insurance companies to choose from so make sure to shop around to find the best deal. 

Top Safety Tips for Traveling to Lombok

lombok jungle
Photo by Benjamin Janos on Unsplash

Although Lombok is fairly safe, it is still important to have a few clever travel tips in mind for keeping safe in Lombok.

  1. Keep up-to-date with geological events. – always check recent geological activity before visiting Lombok. It’s also handy to learn what to do if a disaster does occur.
  2. STAY CLEAR OF DRUGS – getting caught with possession of drugs in Indonesia is a SERIOUS offense. Penalties can be as severe as the death penalty.
  3. Wear mosquito repellant – avoid being bitten by wearing insect repellant. Mosquitos may carry dengue fever which can be potentially life-threatening. 
  4. Take a digital copy of your important documents – always take a digital copy of your passport and important documents so you can still access them if anything gets lost. 
  5. Only drink bottled water – you can’t drink tap water in Lombok, so always remember to buy bottled water.
  6. Be careful of the monkeys – they are unpredictable, and sometimes aggressive. Some may even have rabies. Observe them from a distance, but don’t get too close. 
  7. Wear a helmet – road accidents in Lombok are extremely common. If you are renting a scooter make sure to always wear a helmet. 
  8. Get travel insurance – travel insurance can save you thousands of pounds. Insurance can cover medical expenses, flight cancellation, lost baggage, as well as many other things. Make sure to shop around to find a reputable provider – we recommend using Safety Wing.

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