Is Jericoacoara, Brazil Safe To Visit? The Dangers & Risks

In the past few decades there has been some concern from avid travelers if a trip to South America is safe, and many questions are aimed at Brazil. Jericoacoara is an isolated area in the country, so it makes sense that people would wonder about safety.  Similar to other Brazilian destinations, tourists have wondered is Sao Paulo Safe?  With a little research,  you can then use that knowledge on your trip.

Jijoca de Jericoacoara is a municipality in northern Brazil. This area received its name from the Tupi language word Jericoaquara which means lair of the turtles. Jericoacoara was until very recently a far cry away from the modern world. The destination did not receive electricity until 1998, and air conditioning was not common until some time after that. To this day, the village is consisted of mostly dirt roads.

In 2002, Jericoacoara beach became a national park. The main attractions here include Duna do Pôr do Sol (Sunset Dune), Pedra Furada, the Church of Our Lady of Consolation and the Lighthouse Jericoacoara.

Is Jericoacoara safe in 2023?

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Although there are some cities and other places in Brazil that are considered dangerous, Jijoca de Jericoacoara is determined overall to be very safe. As long as you practice common sense safety measures, your trip to Jericoacoara should be completely safe. If you do run into any trouble, the Jeri locals or your hotel employees have been known to be very helpful when you are in need of assistance.

Brazil has mostly shed its former reputation as a dangerous country to travel. Years ago, many people have worried about the safety of other destinations in Brazil such as is Curitiba Brazil safe?. If you practice safety diligence and awareness of your surroundings and make wise choices, you can have many wonderful days in Jericoacoara.

In 2023, Brazil has emerged as a travel destination that has experienced more foreign visitors than it did years ago. Although Jeri is considered a place a bit challenging to get to, there are a few options to get to and around Jeri. The best option from the airport is a transfer or maybe even a bus. There is no need to rent a car as all the roads are sand and everything is within walking distance. So take this excursion to Jeri and marvel at the natural beauty of the dunes in the national park or hop in a dune buggy and see where it may take you.

Is Jericoacoara safe for solo travelers?

Is Jericoacoara, Brazil Safe To Visit
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Most solo travelers to Jijoca de Jericoacoara, or Jeri as it is sometimes known, have reported that they felt safe during their stay. These travelers have also stated that the locals in town are very helpful to visitors when asked for advice or assistance. Another piece of good advice for solo travelers in Jericoacoara or anywhere else is to go with your gut instincts. If you have a feeling that something is off, or if you get a bad vibe from a place, listen to it and take action accordingly. Solo travelers learn how to keep aware of what is around them, and still have a blast during their travel time.

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A solo traveler should look into websites that offer advice for lodging and tour options. The best place to stay in Rio de Janeiro would have great suggestions on the popular neighborhoods in the city that are also safe and friendly for solo travelers. The web can also provide information on any tours that you can join for a day to break up the time spent alone. The net should have similar suggestions for Jericoacoara.

Is Jericoacoara safe at night?

Sunset at Jericoacoara beach
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Jijoca de Jericoacoara is overall a safe place at night. The best advice is to not walk on the beach, near the sand dunes or anywhere unfamiliar in the dark. It is not a good idea to walk around anywhere in the late hours of the evening. The crime rate in this part of the country is relatively low, but you must still exercise the same amount of caution in Jericoacoara as in any other tourist destination. It is better to head back to your hotel or into the village after you view that gorgeous Jericoacoara sunset.

The nightlife here is not the same as the nightlife in Sao Paulo Brazil where it can get pretty wild on occasion. You should be especially aware if you are out in the later hours as the tourist predators are out and about during this time. Never leave your beverage or food unattended to avoid any drugs getting added to them so thieves can take advantage of you. Nearly every tourist town has its share of violent and petty crimes, so whether you venture out any time of day alone or with a group, stay alert of your surroundings and your belongings.

Is the tap water safe to drink in Jericoacoara?

Jericoacoara sun
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Jijoca de Jericoacoara does not have data available on its tap water available to the public. But past Jericoacoara visitors have considered it safe to drink. The country of Brazil overall has a water quality level at 68 percent out of a possible 100 percent. The best bet for safety is to purchase bottled water for consumption. Guests should also inquire with their hotel manager as to their opinion of the establishment’s H2O cleanliness.

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Tourists years ago were very hesitant to drink tap water when in a foreign country. The sewage systems in other countries are not the same as in the United States. Anyone that has ever been to anywhere south of the United States border may be able to tell you a story about them or someone they know who had gotten violently sick after consuming water in countries such as Mexico. During your Jericoacoara adventure, be sure to seek bottled refreshments instead of turning the tap.

Jericoacoara Top 7 Safety Tips

Jericoacoara dunes
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Before you visit Jijoca de Jericoacoara, do a little research online of the beach and village to get a lay of the land. Do not allow yourself to get frightened and paranoid upon hearing others talk about terrible things that have happened to tourists who travel in South America. You should make sure of your safety in Jericoacoara during your entire visit.

The top 7 safety tips for an excursion to Jeri:

  • Do not leave any personal belongings including bags and cell phone unattended.
  • Do not wander alone in a place where you are not familiar, especially at night.
  • Pack your own supplies from home for protecting your body. The amount of self care products available in Jericoacoara such as sunscreen will be limited as well as overpriced and subpar.
  • Make sure to bring your own prescriptions and any other medical supplies. The one pharmacy in Jericoacoara is very limited on what they have available. The village has only one small clinic to service the local population and visitors.
  • If you venture out kitesurfing at Jericoacoara, pay attention to the tide levels as they affect the winds, which can be a hazard during the windy season.
  • While swimming in the water, take care to avoid contact with the jellyfish.
  • To protect yourself from the various critters native to the land in and around Jericoacoara such as the parasite Chigoe Fleas and cockroaches. The best thing to do is never walk around the village without wearing your flip flops. To further protect your feet from injury flip flops should be worn while walking on the beach too.

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