How To Travel The World For A Living

To make a living whilst travelling the world is a dream for many people, but what stops that dream from becoming a reality?   





I am going to share with you my personal journey to how I became a digital nomad, and how it is possible to become a full time traveller and make a living from absolutely anywhere in the world. 

Yes, that’s correct, to travel the world for a living. 

I’ll begin by exploring some of the most common digital nomad jobs.

1. Teaching Online

You will most likely find ‘Online language teacher’ at the top of any lists of ways to make money online as there is a huge demand for foreign language teachers all across the world. The job usually requires little to no experience, making it extremely popular throughout the digital nomad community. 

teaching English digital nomad

Relatively speaking, it’s very easy to get started in becoming an online language teacher. With few qualifications needed, most people can secure a job within only a few weeks. 

Although not obligatory, I would strongly recommend becoming TEFL qualified. A TEFL certificate is a well-recognised accreditation, and I have found that the more qualified you are, the better your pay will be and the more options your have available to you. 

Apart from qualifications, here are some of the other requirements that may be needed to become an online teacher:

  • A laptop with an internet connection
  • Native English Speaker
  • Patience and the willingness to learn
  • Previous experience as a teacher or mentor

2. Website Developer 

As the world is becoming increasingly more digital, the demand for web developers is also increasing. If you want to create a life on the road, then becoming a web developer is not only a good choice because it can be done remotely, but it’s also one of the highest in demand jobs and the pay is often equally just as high. 

Web Developer Digital Nomad

Working as a freelance developer is a personal favourite of mine as it is how I began my own digital nomad journey. In fact, if it wasn’t for WordPress and a ton of free YouTube tutorials I would probably be stuck doing some meaningless 9-5 job in England right now.

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Here are some of the free resources that helped me when looking for web design gigs and jobs: 

3. Writer

Words can be found everywhere. But there needs to be people to write those words. 

Every book, website, leaflet, article, magazine, newspaper, advertisement, review and Journeying The Globe blog post was wrote by some kind of writer. 

digital nomad writer

The awesome thing about writing is that a lot of it can be done without ever needing an internet connection. That means as long as you have access to a laptop you can work from any location in the world. 

Writing jobs may involve content creation, copyrighting, blog writing and much more. On my journey I have met many writers and the reason is because it’s one of the easiest jobs to get started in as a native English speaker. 

4. Blogging 

Blogging is another popular job choice amongst nomads. Although it can be an easy business to start, it’s extremely difficult to master. Blogging takes consistency, patience and the willingness to learn.

In addition to writing the blogs, you will need to learn the various SEO techniques to optimise each of your blogs so they are visible across Google and other search engines. It’s all well having a blog, but unless you implement SEO techniques when writing your posts nobody will find them. 

blogging digital nomad

Bloggers are a unique species of entrepreneurs, whereas most offer services or products, bloggers offer content. 

Blog writers most commonly make money with advertising, affiliate marketing and sponsorships. Most bloggers also sell valuable content, such as courses, eBooks, coaching and seminars. 

5. Social Media Marketing

Every business needs Social Media Marketing these days. Marketers are paid by a client to grow their online presence through Google and other social media platforms. 

While it sounds simple, there can be a lot of work involved – from industry research, to organising photoshoots, to optimising keywords – there is a lot of extra work that goes into all of the colourful pictures and engaging captions that you see on social media. 

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social media marketing digital nomad

Other marketing duties can involve scheduling posts, content creation, customer support, updating photos, running competitions and moderating social pages. 

If you are tech savvy in the sphere of marketing, this could be for you.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply the advertising of products and services that you trust and recommend.

If a person clicks on your unique affiliate link (which is given to you when signing up for an affiliate scheme) and then that person purchases the product, you are rewarded a commission. The customer will be charged no extra by purchasing via your link.

affiliate marketing

To begin as an affiliate marketer here are a few suggestions: 

  • Have your own website and start to build an email list where you can promote offers to a more specific audience
  • Write articles and reviews and include your affiliate links in the posts
  • Invest in paid traffic (online advertising) – this can be in any industry

If you are interested in promoting a specific product or service then contact the company directly as they might have an affiliate scheme.

Otherwise, you can sign up on affiliate networks such as Amazon associates, Clickbank and Clicksure where you will have instant access to all the links, media and promotional material you will need to get started.

7. Illustrator / Graphic Design

Do you already work as a Graphic Designer or Illustrator? Perhaps it’s time to take your work remote. By using online freelance platforms such as Fiverr to promote your previous projects, you could land some some design gigs that will mark the beginning of your digital nomad career.

graphic designer nomad

From branding to social media, business marketing to logo creation – graphic design skills are becoming increasingly popular in a multitude of industries.

Every company needs well-designed graphics to make their brands and online presence stand out. 

You can read more about my journey of becoming a full-time traveller by clicking here.


James Ardimento has spent the last 12 years journeying around the globe ! With its precious experiences and tips he gained around Asia, South America, Europe and the US he is a precious asset for this blog and for its readers