Haad Khom Beach Koh Phangan

With a reputation that certainly precedes itself, Haad Khom is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking beaches on Koh Phangan. The beach is located on the east side of the island and renown for its laid-back vibes and magnificent scenery.

The moment your feet step down onto the white sands, you are greeted with an array of turquoise and aqua heaven. Haad Khom (also known as Coral Bay) is an extremely popular snorkelling destination due to its diverse and spectacular coral reefs.

We are going to share with you everything you need to know before visiting Haad Khom Beach in Koh Phangan.

What to expect from Haad Khom Beach

The entrance to the beach is well disguised by a leafy canopy, and you should look for a painted sign that says “absolutely no cars” and “coral bay”. The path to Coral Bay is a long slopy road down to the Coral Bay Resort which further leads down to the beach.

When you enter the bay, you will immediately see the beach provides the optimal amount of shade and sunshine to suit all needs. The water calmly dances around you and is extremely transparent on a luminous day, which is why it’s an ideal place for snorkeling.

The white sand is naturally very coarse but is still delightful to walk through and compliments the aqua water that washes over the beach.

How to get to Haad Khom Beach Koh Phangan

how to get to Haad Khom beach

Koh Phangan’s best-kept secret is positioned west of the village of Chaloklum and to the East of Ao Chaloklum beach. Below we have compiled a list of the different ways to get to the beach:

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Taxi Boat

In Chaloklum village there are taxi boats that you can catch to Haad Khom Beach, Bottle Beach, and other nearby locations.


It’s truly a walk, but if you are feeling up to it, you can walk to Haad Khom Beach by following directions to Coral Bay Resort and accessing the beach from there. The nearest village is Chaloklum.

Ride a Scooter

Scooter is the quickest and easiest way to get to the beach, but you can only drive down to the resort and will have to do the rest on foot. You can hire a scooter from the nearby village, but pretty much everywhere on the island offers scooter hire. Prices usually range from 200-250 baht, but you can always try to haggle for a better rate.

Where to eat on Haad Khom Beach

Ocean View Restaurant
Gabby enjoying her Coconut at Ocean View Restaurant

There a few options for food and drink, the main restaurant on the beach is called Ocean View, which has a large selection of drinks, coffee, teas, fruit shakes, and juices. You can find the food menu on two large chalkboards by the entrance to the cafe. However, we did find that the prices were a little steep here.

What to do on Haad Khom Beach

Mother natures playground can be a lot of fun, and the beach offers a cluster of rocks that emerge from the water which can be climbed for a prime sunbathing spot. A few swings have been crafted from the overhanging trees to satisfy your inner Tarzan desires.

Many people bring their snorkeling masks to swim out to the coral reef and watch the diverse ecosystem beneath them.

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There’s plenty of thick foliage which supplies a large shady area to read under.

Accommodation at Haad Khom Beach

haad khom accomodation

Coconut Beach Bungalows

There is a beautiful collection of bungalows and houses for short term rent, located on the right side of the bay. The resort is located right next to a popular hiking route to the famous bottle beach. You can expect clean spacious rooms with fantastic views of the sea and bay.

Find Rooms

Coral Bay Resort

Coral Bay is located on the far left of the bay so all its bungalows are located on the grassy hill at the side of the bay. Coral Bay Resort offers different levels of comfort with some rooms being air-conditioned and others with only fans.

Ocean View Resort

Ocean View offers elegant shabby chic beach bungalows directly on the beach. Each room is equipt with their very own hammock so you can have a quiet slumber in the shade. The rooms are built on stilts so there’s no danger of flooding.

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