Bottle Beach Koh Phangan

bottle beach koh phangan
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Bottle Beach is arguably one of Koh Phangan’s most stunning beaches. Iconic for its secluded beaches, tranquil vibes, and idyllic location.

Bottle Beach is one of the island’s most famous beaches, located in the far north of Koh Phangan. The beach is only accessible by boat or 4×4 due to extremely poor road conditions.

Your first glimpse of Bottle Beach will be nothing short of paradise. Picturesque views, countless palm trees, pale yellow sand, and crystal blue waters.

In this guide, we are going to cover everything you need to know about Bottle Beach Koh Phangan.

How to get to Bottle Beach Koh Phangan

Because of its difficulty reaching, Bottle Beach has remained reasonably undeveloped compared to its island counterparts. Of course, that is great for those of us who love traveling along the less beaten path.

When traveling to bottle beach, there are three main routes to consider:

Option 1: Longtail Boat (Preferred Option)

longtail boat koh phangan

By far the most popular option – traveling by longtail boat. From Chaloklum Beach you can catch a longtail boat to the island for only 150 baht each way. If you’re planning on returning the same day, you can save money by purchasing a return fare.

The journey takes around 25 minutes and boasts some beautiful scenic views along the way.

Option 2: Hike from Haad Khom Beach To Bottle Beach:

bottle beach hike

The distance of the hike is around 2 miles and takes roughly two hours from start to finish. The trek is very tough as you will be hiking directly through the jungle.

If you are planning to hike then make sure to travel light and wear mosquito repellant.  

The trail can be hard to follow, but there are plastic bottles to mark out the path. Our advice would be to start early and take plenty of water!  

Option 3: Taxi to Bottle Beach:

taxi bottle beach

The final way of reaching Bottle Beach is by a 4×4 taxi from Baan Tai. A 4×4 vehicle is mandatory because of the terrible road conditions.

The taxis depart from Thongsala pier, and only leave when they have three or four passengers. You can choose to privately hire a taxi, but expect to pay around 1000 baht. The cost of sharing a taxi is roughly 250 baht.

How long should you stay at Bottle Beach Koh Phangan?

Most visitors who come to Bottle Beach are day visitors and end up leaving the same day. However, available accommodation on the island means that it’s possible to stay for longer.

There is very little to do on Bottle Beach; therefore, we wouldn’t recommend staying for any longer than two nights.

But, perhaps you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the town. Maybe you enjoy the quietness and the idea of being surrounded by nothing but nature. Then, staying for longer is likely more of your scene.

Bottle Beach Snorkelling

snorkelling bottle beach

Snorkelling is a popular activity on Bottle Beach due to the excellent coral and incredibly clear waters. If you want to go snorkelling, head to the rocky end of the beach. There are plenty of species of colourful fish to be seen!

Remember to bring your own snorkelling equipment as it can be challeneging to find rental gear on the beach. We advise to also wear shoes, as there can sometimes be sea urchins lurking on the reef.

Accommodation at Bottle Beach Koh Phangan

There are four main accommodation options to choose from when staying on Bottle Beach:

Bottle Beach 1 Resort

bottle beach 1 resort

Bottle Beach 1 Resort boasts a swimming pool, en suite bathrooms, air-conditioned rooms, and free wifi.

Prices start from as low as 400 baht a night for basic rooms and go up to over 1000 baht for a more luxurious hotel-style room.

Smile Bungalows Bottle Beach

smile bungalows bottle beach

Smile Bungalows provide a variety of traditional bungalows. It has both beachfront and jungle bungalow options available.

All bungalows are fitted with wooden flooring and include a mosquito net, en-suite bathrooms, and an on-site restaurant.

Haad Khuad Resort

Haad Khuad Resort

Haad Khuad Resort is another popular choice. The resort features a private beach, air-con rooms, free wifi, and an outdoor terrace area.

Prices start at 400 baht per night.

Bottle Beach 2 Bungalows

bottle beach 2 bungalows

Last but not least, Bottle Beach 2 Bungalows. These bungalows are particularly popular amongst long-stay visitors. The resort boasts a restaurant, family rooms, a bar area, and a private beach.

Prices start at 500 baht per night.

Bottle Beach Viewpoint

Bottle Beach Viewpoint

A popular activity at Bottle Beach is hiking up to the famous Bottle Beach viewpoint. The peak boasts panoramic views of the island revealing bottle beach in its entirety.

You can start the trail behind Bottle Beach 2. The trail leads deep into the thick jungle and involves a small amount of scrambling and climbing over various rocks. We strongly recommend wearing suitable footwear.

The path is super simple to follow and it’s virtually impossible to get lost.

After arriving at the top you will be rewarded with stunning views of the entire island.

The overall hike time is around 45 minutes, so we would recommend setting off before 5 pm to avoid coming back in the dark.


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