The 7 Best Travel Document Holders With Neck Strap (2023)

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You’ve been planning the trip of a lifetime. Maybe it’s to Brazil’s glorious Rio de Janeiro or snorkeling in Bail, to the Himalayan peaks or the deserts of the Middle East. There have been weeks spent deciding on the perfect hotel, that once-in-a-lifetime trek, what airline’s the best. You land and it’s better than you ever imagined. One day, you are out exploring the busy local markets and see a gift to take home. But you quickly realize that everything is gone! No money. No passport. That dream becomes a nightmare. The rest of your holiday is spent at the police station or embassy. Not good.

Stories of tourists reporting lost or stolen passports and credit cards are all too common.  If you have been sensible enough to buy good travel insurance, everything should be replaced in time. However, if you ask anyone who has been down this route, it’s a slow and laborious process (we’re talking months to get everything back!).

Luckily, there are steps you can take to stay safe on vacation, like storing all your stuff in a handy travel wallet. These travel document holders are a convenient way to fend off thieves and have everything in one place. Some of the securest of the lot come with a neck strap for added protection. Those are the ones we run through in this guide, which sifts through the hundreds currently on the market to highlight the best 7 travel document holder with neck strap options out there…

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Venture 4th Neck Pouch

Our first travel document holder with neck strap from Venture 4th is one of the best and most popular neck wallets on the market. It has over 5000 customer reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5. Its clean and simple design makes it perfect for any traveler looking to keep their documents out of harm’s way without drawing attention to it. This wallet has a number of features to ensure your documents stay safe. The waterproof material has a built-in RFID blocking. This stops scammers from scanning or cloning your card. The wallet’s clever design features a clear pocket for storing ID cards. This allows you to conveniently show ID without having to take anything out or risk dropping it.

This pouch is at the higher end of our budget range, however its great features make it worth the extra money. For example, there are 3 storage compartments to help you keep everything organized and the wallet comes with an adjustable strap. The lightweight nylon material ensures it isn’t heavy to carry around on a day exploring and sightseeing too. Finally, it comes in a choice of 5 neutral colors: black, brown, beige, green, and silver.

FLYMEI Travel Wallet

This travel document and passport holder is the largest on our list and also the cheapest. With an Amazon rating of 4.6, this is the best budget buy. It is a zip-up wallet, rather than a neck pouch design. This means it must be completely unzipped to access any of the things inside. However, that also means that you can carry much more in it. Inside is a passport holder, a cash section, and multiple credit card slots. There is even a coin net and space for a boarding pass. This wallet comes with detachable straps so you can wear it around your neck, wrist, or use it as a normal wallet.

In order to access your passport and items, the whole thing must be unzipped. Therefore, this product is more suited to being carried around rather than being continually opened and closed. However, the front pocket is spacious enough for a smartphone. By storing your phone here, and not hanging out your pocket, it is much less likely to be snatched. The RFID blocking material protects your cards from being cloned. The cotton material is durable and waterproof, keeping your items secure and your passport dry. It comes with two straps. The shorter strap allows you to also wear it around your neck or wrist.

IntiPal RFID Travel Passport Wallet

The next travel document holder with neck strap on our list is our best option for anyone on a light budget. This is in the same style as the Bocura wallet discussed above and needs to be zipped open to be used. The design is more relaxed and youthful, making it perfect for backpackers. The outside is a neutral khaki green color, but when you open there is a vibrant orange inside.

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Once open, one side has slots for cards and a coin net. The other side has pockets of various sizes, suitable as a passport holder, or for storing boarding passes and tickets. There is even a pen holder in the middle! (For anyone who has had to unexpetedly fill a boarding card, having a pen handy is so important.) This neck wallet is made from a durable, water-resistant, and lightweight material. Although this is the cheapest travel wallet on this list, it even has built-in RFID blocking technology. To sum up: It’s a good option for anyone on a tighter travel budget.

MJFloria Travel Neck Wallet

Not everybody loves things to look simple, and the next neck wallet on our list is our most fun! This wallet-style document holder is decorated in a beautiful floral design, which will appeal to both adults and children. Although the design is an important factor here, it still has everything you need to keep you important things safe. The outside is waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about being caught in the rain (a gift in monsoon countries!). The passport holder has RFID blocking technology for added safety. To keep your mind at rest, the product also comes with a 2-year warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee if you are unhappy.

The inside is simple. One side has pockets for credit cards; the other is passports and tickets. This document holder comes with 2 straps, so it can be worn around as a neck wallet or on the wrist. Although it is a little larger than the other products on this list, this holder also brings a unique design to the mix.

Hiwego Travel Neck Pouch

Who said that staying safe has to be boring? This next travel document wallet is anything but boring! A neck pouch from Hiwego, it comes in a range of sensible colors, but we just love that vibrant pink! This is perfect for anyone who wants to look snazzy while staying safe. It is definitely attention-grabbing, so it is perhaps best to wear it under your shirt in busy areas. Although this may not look like a serious wallet compared to the others here, it actually has everything to ensure you stay safe. The Velcro top flap opens to show a clear pocket to display an ID card, a large zip pocket that can be used as a passport holder, and a smaller zip pocket for your change or keys. There are 12 compartments in all and RFID blocking to boot.

This neck wallet is made from durable 210D Ripstop Nylon, protecting it from everyday damage. The material is water-resistant, so it will keep your passport dry. The stitching has even been reinforced for extra security. The adjustable strap comes with a pad for extra comfort. There is also a hook on the back so you can wear it on your belt. The Hiwego wallet comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee. It doesn’t get better than that!

Safekeepers Leather Travel Neck Wallet

Our next choice is the best for the more sophisticated traveler. Instead of nylon mesh, this pouch is made from 100% genuine leather. Its sleek design gives it a classic appearance. The top opens to a pocket that’s perfect for your passport. There are also slots for credit cards and a section for change. On the back, there is a pocket to conveniently store your phone. The length of the neck cord can be adjusted for comfort. Made from leather, it is naturally hardwearing. If you treat this neck wallet with care, it will last much longer than the nylon alternatives.

Although this is one of the nicest designs on our lists, it sadly lacks the special features boasted by the other products. This neck wallet has no RFID blocking, and the leather is less comfortable on your bare skin than the breathable nylon. However, it is secure and has adequate pockets to keep everything safe from theft and pickpockets. It’s largely about style over functionaility, though.

BEST PICK: Peak Gear Travel Document Holder with Neck Strap

Our favorite and final travel document neck pouch is from Peak Gear. This neck wallet has it all. What’s more, it comes in at an excellent price! Boasting an impressive 4.7 customer review rating on Amazon, the multi-functional neck wallet has features to suit all sorts of trips. The lightweight design is durable and water-repellant, making it perfect for keeping your passport safe in tropical destinations or on sailing expeditions, for example. This product is hand-stitched, too, which means it can stand a good amount of wear and tear. Finally, the backing has air-vented mesh that makes it comfortable to wear on even the hottest days.

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It’s the multiple pockets and compartments that really help it stand out from the crowd, while the main pocket on the front has a Velcro opening, so you won’t accidentally forget to zip up. The strap can be adjusted from 16″ to 36″, so can be used as small satchel bag. The built-in RFID technology keeps your credit cards safe and there are 3 colors available: Gray, beige, and black. What we particularly love is that their products are made in the US using only American-sourced materials.

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What is a Travel Document Holder?

A travel document holder with neck strap is a secure place to store all your important travel documents while on vacation. They are usually made from waterproof material, protecting your passport, tickets, and other important items from both theft and the natural elements.

Document holders with neck-straps come in two distinct styles. The first is the neck pouch. These are similar to small bags and usually open at the top using Velcro. Through this opening, you can access everything inside. Some designs use zipped compartments instead. Look out for adjustable or extra straps. These allow you to also use them as small bags and can usually be worn across the body. That’s versatility!

The second style is more like a wallet. They need to be completely unzipped to access your passport and things. There is usually a passport holder inside, with other compartments. Some have compartments on the front to store phones. However, these are less suitable for storing items that need to be frequently accessed. Constantly opening the entire thing in busy places is a recipe for losing something. These neck wallets can usually come with a smaller strap, so you can also wear them on your wrists.

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What should be kept in a travel document holder?

Everything important and some emergency cash should be kept in a travel document holder. This will vary from person to person, but a suggested list is your passport, credit cards, and some cash. A good rule of thumb is anything that would be very difficult to replace! Travel document holders are relatively small as they are designed to be carried around all day. These aren’t designed to carry loads of things or to be an alternative to carry-on luggage.

One of the biggest tips to stay safe is to make copies of everything kept in your travel document holder, especially your passport. It is also wise to also have an electronic copy somewhere in the cloud. These copies should be kept in a different place to the travel document holder. Even with all the best precautions in the world, theft and loss still happen. Having copies to hand make the process of replacing a passport or cards much simpler.

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Are Travel Document Holders Safe?

Yes, travel document holders are very safe. They offer a way to carry your most important documents discretely while protecting them from the elements. However, like most things, they are only safe if they are used correctly. The best way to keep everything safe is to wear it as much as you can and ensure you don’t put too much inside.

Buying a travel neck wallet doesn’t automatically mean you will be safe. You still need to be sensible and be on your guard. If you leave a neck pouch unattended, especially in a public place, it is not going to be very effective. Simply buying a travel document holder will not make your items safe.

One of the most important things when using a neck travel wallet is to frequently check it. Make sure everything is still there. Before you go anywhere busy, it is vital to ensure the zips and pockets are closed securely. It is easy to be distracted in busy areas and not notice your important travel documents falling to the floor or being stolen!

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Stay Safe with a Travel Document Holder

One of the best ways to stay safe on vacation is to buy a travel document holder with neck strap. If you use it correctly, losing your passport and important documents is one thing you won’t have to worry about – or at least worry about less!. Our list of the best travel wallets has something for every budget and taste. Instead of worrying about losing your passport, or being a victim of theft, you can worry about which restaurant to visit first and have a great vacation! If you enjoyed this post, why don’t you check our list of the best sustainable backpacks?


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