The 7 Best Snorkeling Fins For Wide Feet

By Ruby

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Snorkeling is by far one of the best water activities but, isn’t it annoying when you’re eager to jump into the crystal blue sea and your snorkeling fins don’t quite fit? If you have wide feet, then you have probably experienced this problem many times and are most likely on the hunt for the best snorkeling fins for wide feet that you can take on your next adventure.

The fit of a snorkeling fin is vital for a comfortable and stressfree adventure through the sea. We are going to introduce you to some of the best snorkeling fins for wide feet available so that you can get into the water knowing that your fins won’t cause you any trouble.

This article will tell you everything that you need to know about these fins so that you can find the perfect pair for your feet. If your fins are too loose, they will slip off into the water and you will spend your time chasing after them. If your fins are too small, you can end up with sore feet and even blistering which will cause you pain for the rest of your trip.

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Maru Training Fins

If you like a bit of friendly competition during your holiday activities and want to be faster than the rest of your group, these fins may be the perfect ones for you! Maru training snorkeling fins are manufactured from high-quality silicone which helps with speed when your swimming through the water. This durable material also helps to give maximum foot flexibility which will make your snorkeling experience comfortable.

Best Snorkeling Fins For Wide Feet

As training fins, these are great for new snorkelers who want that extra support when they swim. The short body design and foot flexibility allow for a great body position in the water which will help to prevent any soreness after your swim. The fins come in two vibrant colours- bright pink/black or neon green/black. YOu will look right at home within the colourful coral reefs that you may be exploring! These fins are roomy so are perfect for wider feet and will adequately support the full foot as you swim.

Cressi Palau Light Weight Travel Snorkeling Swim Fins

Cressi Palau Light Weight Travel Snorkeling Fins are perfect for the experienced snorkeler who was a reliable, professional pair of fins that will easily fit into a suitcase. These snorkel fins have full-length side rails that help the fin to glide effortlessly through the water. To ensure the best quality, these fins have been designed and created with innovative manufacturing technology that is guaranteed to give you the best fins that fit! These fins are designed to fit comfortably with adjustable straps on the ankle that provides maximum support as you swim through the sea.

Best Snorkeling Fins For Wide Feet

As travel fins, the blade on these fins has a lightweight design and a high-quality blade that extends from the top of the foot pocket, giving you maximum surface area for gliding along. The travel fins come in five colour variations and are perfect for those who struggle with their shoe size! The foot pocket can adapt up to four shoe sizes- meaning the fin can fit your foot instead of the other way around. These fins should definitely accompany you on your next snorkeling trip. They are some of the best snorkeling fins for wide feet.

Cressi Men’s Reaction Pro Swim Fins

As their name suggests, Cressi Men’s Reaction Pro Swim Fins are made for those who are experienced divers and want to take their snorkeling to the next level. These fins are closed heel and have a highly supportive frame that is moulded from three different materials. The design also features a wide soled foot that is covered in thermo-rubber to provide maximum grip on boat decks or rocks. This feature would be incredibly useful if you are embarking on a snorkeling tour which will require you to frequently jump from boats to various locations in the water.

Best Snorkeling Fins For Wide Feet

These fins are perfect for those who love all types of swimming. Their performance is great for swimming, free-diving and scuba diving so are the only pair of fins that you will need! The blade is designed for powerful kicking with a long design that gets thinner towards the end. This design also optimises being lightweight- the perfect pair of swim fins for traveling the globe! If you are a pro with wide feet looking for a great pair of full foot fins, these are might just be the pair for you!

Cressi Light Short Swimming Fins

These full foot snorkeling fins are designed for training and swimming in pools. When you are new to snorkeling it will take time to get used to using fins in the water as they provide a hugely different swimming experience to the usual easy stroke. To train your muscles for snorkeling, the blades on the Cressi Light Swimming Fins have a strategically designed blade that provides the perfect muscle training without causing any cramps. This blade is short and made from ultra-lightweight materials for easy kicking yet good resistance in the water.

Best Snorkeling Fins For Wide Feet

For training in a pool, the blades on these fins are protected with a soft material that prevents any damaged being caused to other swimmers. The short size of the blade also allows for an easy entrance and exit from the pool. Their wide footed design makes them easy to put on and perfect for the wider foot. The fins come in three colourways, blue/black, white/black and complete black and make for a great pair of first-time fins!

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SEAC Ala Full Foot Snorkeling Fins

Made for those who want the best performance whilst exploring the wonders of the sea, SEAC Ala Full Foot Snorkeling fins are a super lightweight closed foot fin made perfect for both adults and children. It is important that your feet are held firmly in place, especially when you are exploring through corals and potential habitats of marine life. These fins provide excellent support with a closed heel design that wraps perfectly around the foot, without causing any discomfort.

Best Snorkeling Fins For Wide Feet

These fins are made from a combination of thermoplastic materials which makes them highly durable, lightweight and flexible whilst still reacting well to the water. High reactiveness makes for a great thrust which will propel you through the sea, giving you optimum speed and ease when swimming. SEAC Ala fins are designed for the whole family and come in nine different sizes- now every member of your family can experience the ease that high-quality fins provide. The fins also come in four different colours- yellow/black, pink/black, blue/black (shown above) and white/black. These fins are guaranteed to give you and your family the best snorkeling experience.

Cressi Rondinella Fins

The most amazing part of snorkeling is seeing the wonderful marine life that lives in the ocean. These incredible Cressi fins are available to purchase alongside a high-quality mask and bore tube- giving you all that you need to see the beauty of the ocean floor. The fins themselves are designed for maximum comfort. The foot has been computer engineered to provide perfect enveloping as well as flexibility. The flexibility of a fin is important for foot position and muscle protection. The blade has also been manufactured for perfection! It is made of a polypropylene material that is light but extremely reactive.

Best Snorkeling Fins For Wide Feet

If you want the best snorkeling fins for wide feet, these might be the ones for you! The fins are closed foot for maximum support whilst swimming. Cressi Rondinella Fins are were with the keen swimmer in mind. They are able to assist you in many water-based activities including swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Their light-weight design makes them perfect for fitting in a suitcase and taking on a plane, so you can snorkel anywhere in the world. The mask and tube that come with these fins are also made of durable materials and are the perfect accessories to these comfortable fins.

Seavenger Torpedo Snorkeling Fins

Every deep sea snorkeler needs a reliable pair of durable, practical fins that can last through long swims and provide excellent comfort. The Seavenger Torpedo Snorkeling Fins will be suitable for any level of snorkeling and any type of water that you delve into. Made from a sturdy material that guarantees flexibility for comfortable use and with an easy kick design, these fins really are best for everyone! These fins have an open heel with an adjustable strap. The open heel makes it easy to slide these fins on wide feet and the adjustable strap allows you to then tighten the fit so that your foot is highly supported throughout your swim.

Best Snorkeling Fins For Wide Feet

The fins have an easy kick design so are perfect for all levels of swimmer- from highly experienced divers to those who are just training. The fins themselves are 16 inches long, providing great speed through the water. If you are worried about blistering, the foot pocket of the fins is made from a super soft material that can easily be worn barefoot. You can easily store these fins using the mesh bag that they come with- they are the best fins for a long day out around the waters. They come in five different colour options and are adjustable to all feet and really are the best snorkeling fins for wide feet.

Our Best Pick: The Winner

All of these fins have their advantages and will all provide a great level of comfort and ease to those with wider feet that want the best snorkeling fins for wide feet. The best fins have to be the Cressi Palau Light Weight Travel Snorkeling Swim Fins. These fins are designed for people with wide feet as the foot pocket can adapt to up to four-foot sizes! These Cressi fins have everything that you need for a great snorkeling experience – they are lightweight, adjustable, expertly manufactured and very supportive. These are long fins, great for swimming large distances of the ocean. If you are an experienced snorkeler, wanting a new pair of fins that will assist you through the sea- these are a great option for you!

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Are short or long fins better for snorkeling?

Both short and long fins are great for snorkeling and both have pros and cons in and out of the water. It is hard to say which fins are better for snorkeling as each person will have different requirements depending on their own personal preferences when in the water. However, most professional snorkelers will use longer fins as they require fewer kicks so are good for snorkeling long distances.

Short fins were originally made for travel as they can be easily packed into a suitcase. They are popular because the shorter length makes it easier to enter in and out of the water. Short fins are also good if you are training because they are suited well to smaller spaces such as swimming pools where you will need to swim around other people, they are also good for building up muscles as they require more kicks than longer ones do.

Long fins have been around longer than short fins and are a popular option for sea swimmers. The longer fins will push back more water which will help you to cover a longer distance with fewer kicks- this is helpful for long swims when you want to preserve your energy. Long fins are however more exhausting to use than short fins because they are heavier.

What size snorkel fins do I need?

The size of snorkel fin that you need will largely depend on your usual shoe size. All full foot fins are sizes in regular shoe sizes and are usually shown in European sizing. If you are between sizes, it is best to go for fins with adjustable straps or foot pockets so that you can alter then to fit your feet. It is also important to consider the difference between open-toed and close-toed fins. There is no difference in performance between either however, open-toed fins may provide more room for wide feet. Most of the snorkeling fins available will be able to give you an idea of how they fit, you can always go down to the review section as well to see what experiences other people have had with the fit of the fins.

man in water
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What are the best snorkeling fins?

The best snorkeling fins are the fins that provide you with all that you need, whilst being lightweight. Good fins will be made of ultra-lightweight materials- this is important as the lighter your fins are, the easier they will be to swim in. The best pair of snorkeling fins will depend entirely on what kind of snorkeling you are doing and, your experience level.

If you are a new snorkeler, using your fins for training or very short swims. You will ideally want a pair find that are short in length, as these are easier to use and great for getting in and out of the water. You will also want to find a pair of fins that prioritise support and have foot pockets made from comfortable material that will prevent blistering.

If you are a more experienced snorkeler, longer fins may be the ones for you. With longer fins, you can travel long distances and pick up great speed in the water! For a professional, you may also want to invest in the durability of the material that your fins are made of and buy ones with adjustable straps. Having adjustable straps means that the fin’s size can be altered- this is ideal if you plan on using your fins regularly and for a long time.

Do you really need fins for snorkeling?

Whilst shallow water snorkeling can be achieved without fins, deeper water, ocean snorkeling is always better with a pair of fins on your feet! Fins allow you to double, even triple the distance that you could swim without them, making it far easier to cover large areas of water before getting tired. You need fins to push you through the water at a good speed.

By traveling a greater distance, you will be able to experience more of the ocean and witness far more ocean life- there are many tropical animals further out into the ocean than you could get without the help of fins. Fins also provide your feet with protection which can be helpful when swimming through coral reefs which are rigid and rough.

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