Best Hostels in Tulum: Top Places to Stay for Backpackers

If you’re a backpacker, you’ll know that finding the perfect hostel is a skill. Particularly in the popular backpacker spot Tulum where there are hundreds to choose from! Finding the right mix of location, cleanliness, atmosphere, and, of course, value for money, isn’t easy. We’ve all had that experience, when you rock up to your hostel after a long journey, to find the amazing accommodation you booked is just grimy dorm rooms and a questionable bathroom. So, how can you find out the best hostels in Tulum – and make sure you’re not left disappointed?

Tulum is one of the most popular backpacker towns in Quintana Roo. This Mexican town has everything from gorgeous, white sand beaches, to live music and a party atmosphere. Not to mention the rich Mexican culture and historic architecture. On top of that, there is also a tonne of hostels around the area, all with a different backpacker vibe. If you’re a solo traveler looking to socialise and meet people, there’s definitely a hostel for you. If you’re a couple looking for a place to chill out and relax, we can certainly point you in the right direction.

In fact, we’ve narrowed down the 11 best hostels in Tulum, so, whatever you’re looking for during your stay on the Riviera Maya – we’ve got you covered. Read on to find the best of Tulum’s hostels, from the more expensive private rooms to the cheap and cheerful dorms.

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We’ve chosen the 11 best hostels in Tulum to make sure that wherever you stay, you’re not left disappointed. On this list, you’ll find hostels with swimming pools, bars, nightly socials, and even all-inclusive! Plus, we’ve included the cheapest hostel in Tulum – for those of you that really need to save their pennies!

Lucky Traveler Hostel

A popular choice with couples, and for backpackers who want to treat themselves to some luxury, the Lucky Traveler Hostel is the only all-inclusive accommodation on our list.

Yes, you did read it right – an all-inclusive hostel! We’re talking food, drinks, bicycle hire, and even laundry! Is this backpacker luxury? We think so! Of course, as the Lucky Traveler is all-inclusive, it isn’t the cheapest on our list. But, if you’re wanting to give yourself a bit of TLC, or you have the budget to afford somewhere a little more upmarket, this is one of the best places to do that.

Rooms in the Lucky Traveler range from the basic mixed-bed dorm to a more expensive private double room with an ensuite bathroom. Each room has access to Wi-Fi, air-con, and a safety deposit box if you choose.

In terms of facilities, the Lucky Traveler isn’t short. With a swimming pool, jacuzzi, cocktail bar, and activities ranging from watersports to table tennis, you certainly won’t be bored! Guests can also enjoy relaxing in the leisure room with access to TV and even Netflix!

As for the location, the Lucky Traveler is located in central Tulum. So, in only a short walk you can be at one of the towns many bars or restaurants. Plus, if you fancy exploring the nearby city Playa Del Carmen, you can arrange a shuttle or private transport and be exploring within the hour!

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Hostal Chalupa

A little further out on the outskirts of Tulum, you have the very popular Hostal Chalupa. If you’re looking for an exceedingly cheap price per night but don’t want to miss out on decent facilities, Hostal Chalupa is the one. In fact, this is potentially one of the best value for money hostels on our list, mainly because for the price, you’d expect so much less.

Hostal Chalupa offers rooms that range from standard mixed dorms to private rooms with ensuites. But do you want to know one of the best things about the dorm rooms? They come with double bed bunk beds! Not bad at all for one of the cheapest hostels on our list!

Not only that, but your stay at Hostal Chalupa also comes with a free breakfast included. So, you can wake to a simple but tasty breakfast of toast, eggs, and fruit too. You will also have access to a shared kitchen. So, for those of you looking for self-catering to save some dollar and eat some home-cooked meals, you’ll be all set at Hostal Chalupa.

Again, don’t be fooled into thinking this low-budget hostel means you’ll have to sacrifice decent facilities. You will have full access to an outdoor terrace, swimming pool for those hot afternoons, free Wi-Fi, and even a book exchange. Are you planning on exploring whilst in Tulum? Well, the nearest beach is only a short stroll from this hostel. Plus, you can catch the bus down to the center of Tulum to eat in local restaurants and take in the local culture too.

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As we mentioned, this hostel is on the outskirts of Tulum. So, if you’re looking to socialise and make the most of the nightlife, this probably isn’t the hostel for you. But if you’re wanting somewhere to rest, recoup, and explore during the day, Hostal Chalupa is a great base camp.

Hostel Che Tulum

Are you planning a trip to Tulum to take advantage of the party atmosphere in the town? If so, Hostel Che Tulum is the place you want to be, making it high on our list of best hostels in Tulum for sure.

This hostel is the perfect place to meet people and socialise during your stay in Tulum. With BBQ nights, pizza nights, and music that plays until 1 am, backpackers rave about this hostel. It is almost certainly the best party hostel in the town – and for good reason too.

But that’s not all. Hostel Che Tulum also arranges daytime activities, including free yoga, salsa classes, and tours of the town. So, if you’re a solo traveler you will have the opportunity to meet like-minded backpackers during your trip. Feeling a little delicate after a night of tequila shots? Enjoy a relaxing day in the swimming pool, or just chill out in the shady garden – lush!

In terms of accommodation, Hostel Che Tulum offers mixed dorm rooms for exceptionally little cost. If you’re traveling in a couple, you can get a private double room with ensuite for not much more. Are you visiting Tulum as a group? No problem. This hostel offers suites that sleep up to 4, and include ensuite and balcony – excellent value if you’re splitting the cost.

The downside to this hostel? No breakfast included. However, for the price, it’s very hard to complain. Plus, as Hotel Che Tulum is pretty much central, there are tonnes of local restaurants nearby serving delicious breakfast for very little.

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Weary Traveler Hostel

A hostel started by backpackers, especially for backpackers, the Weary Traveler Hostel in central Tulum gets excellent reviews. The owners of this popular hostel took all the best features of their favourite hostels and combined them into one. The result? Excellent value for money and a superb experience for backpackers.

So, what makes the Weary Traveler Hostel so great? Firstly, it has to be the numerous facilities available at this modest accommodation. Included in the price of your stay, guests have full access to a shared kitchen with free spices, lentils, rice, and other condiments. Plus, book exchange, (cheap) bar, and BBQ. Outdoor facilities include a cool, clean swimming pool, foosball table, and outdoor terrace.

Breakfast is also included in the cost of your room, however, it is a ‘cook it yourself’ policy. Having said that, portions are extremely generous, and you also have full access to tea and coffee throughout the day.

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Rooms at the Weary Traveler Hostel are extremely clean and comfortable. You have the choice of dorm rooms and private rooms, plus each one has access to free Wi-Fi. Cleanliness is high up on your list when it comes to choosing a hostel, and this one meets our standards easily.

Social events at this Tulum hostel are also extremely popular with guests. Happy Hour is every night, providing the perfect opportunity to meet fellow backpackers. Music is also played nightly, creating a party atmosphere without being rowdy. The location of the Weary Traveler Hostel is also perfect for those wanting to explore the Tulum nightlife without having to travel far.

Tequila shots
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Is this one of the best hostels in Tulum? We certainly think so. Value for money, plus facilities, plus atmosphere make this a perfect choice for both couples and solo travelers.

Day Tripper Hostel

One of the best hostels in Tulum for value for money and location is the Day Tripper Hostel.

Consisting of brightly coloured, modern mixed dorms, each bunk has a privacy curtain, reading light, and a large spacious locker. There is no option for a private room in this hostel, so it is perfect for solo travelers, groups, or couples who don’t mind a few nights in a bunk bed. However, the bonus of booking a hostel that is dorm-rooms only is an excellent opportunity to socialise and meet new people. Which is one of the reasons this Tulum hostel gets such great reviews!

Also included in the price of your (extremely cheap) room, is breakfast. The hostel serves something different every day, so no cereal and warm milk here. Plus, you can also use the tea and coffee facilities throughout the day.

Facilities at the Day Tripper Hostel are also top-notch and include a modern common area with cable TV and two large outdoor terraces. Not to mention the grand rooftop lounge equipped with hammocks for those chilled out evenings. Guests at this hostel also have access to laundry facilities, a shared kitchen for whipping up some meals, BBQ, and a book exchange too.

Another bonus feature of this hostel is the location. Situated in central Tulum, guests have access to a whole range of grocery shops, bars, and restaurants. So, perfect if you want to explore the local area and take in some of the Riviera Maya’s sights. In addition to local amenities, you are also within walking distance to Tulum bus station if you want to venture further to Playa Del Carmen.

If all this wasn’t enough, the Day Tripper Hostel is also one of the best party hostels in the area. So, if you’re staying here prepare for nightly events and loud music – this hostel definitely won’t leave you disappointed if you’re in Tulum for partying!

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Bambu Gran Palas

This is one of the best hostels in Tulum for many reasons, but perhaps the main one is that this hostel is eco-friendly, made entirely from bamboo and coconut, and is totally solar-powered!

Yes, if you’re trying to travel in the most sustainable way possible, booking a night in the Bambu Gran Palas will leave you feeling like an eco-warrior. This gorgeous hostel is situated out in the jungle, across the road from a white-sand beach with crystal blue sea. As if that wasn’t tempting enough, at the back of this hostel is a cenote. This is a natural reservoir and the perfect place for relaxing and taking in the natural beauty around you.

Cenote Tulum - Best Hostels in Tulum

As well as the beautiful surroundings, the Bambu Gran Palas also has excellent facilities. These include a swimming pool, luscious green gardens, laundry service, mini supermarket, and restaurant.

If you’re looking for a party, don’t think that this natural paradise won’t deliver – because it certainly will! The Bambu Gran Palas goes all out when it comes to planning nightly events. Prepare yourself for Karaoke twice a week and happy hour drinks from 3-6 every day. But the highlight? Well, it has to be the mystical parties out on the outdoor terrace!

This unique hostel attracts all types of guests, from solo travelers to couples, to groups of traveling friends. Accommodation is designed to suit all and includes mixed dorms, female-only dorms, and private rooms too. Each one is rustic with bamboo walls, clean sheets, towels, and shared bathrooms.

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat cheaply and cook your own meals, you won’t be able to do that at this hostel. There is no kitchen for guests at the Bambu Gran Palas, however, there is an onsite restaurant. Plus, you can also get food at the hostel’s sister restaurant down on the Caribbean shoreline. A free shuttle takes you down there, so you can eat, drink, and enjoy the view too!

Of the many hostels in Tulum, this is one of our favourites. A visit here will be sure to give you Insta-worthy photos, but most importantly, an experience to remember.

Tubo Tulum Hostel

Another unique concept hostel on our list is the Tubo Tulum Hostel. This is one of the best hostels in Tulum purely based on its quirky and fun design!

Made entirely from concrete tubes, this hostel is located at the far end of Tulum. It is close to the beach and right on the edge of Tulum National Park. So, if you want to delve into Tulum’s nature, this is an excellent location to be!

Whilst not the cheapest hostel on our list, Tubo Tulum Hostel is still very good value for money. When it comes to the accommodation, rooms range from a basic 2 person tent to the more expensive double private tube room. Breakfast is included in the price of your room (or tent) and is served out in a common area among the trees and the wildlife.

Facilities are basic at the Tubo Tulum Hostel, however, there is a shared kitchen for guests use, with Wi-Fi, and a communal area to chill out. The beach is also a short bike-ride away and can be reached by following a bike path that starts right outside the hostel.

If you’re looking for a party atmosphere, this might not be the hostel for you. This is a much more relaxed, calming place to rest, recharge, and soak up nature. Having said that, central Tulum is only a 10-minute walk away. So, if you do fancy visiting a local bar, you can reach it easily on foot or via taxi.

Beach bar at Tulum
Beach bar at Tulum: Photo credit: Radek via Unsplash

Tubo Tulum Hostel is more basic, and down to earth than other hostels in Tulum. However, it is these unique characteristics that leave guests extremely happy with their stay here – and frequently wanting to return! If you’re keen to try something new during your time in Tulum, this hostel is high up on our recommendation list!

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Mama’s Home Hostel

Your home away from home, Mama’s Home is easily one of the best hostels in Tulum for those traveling alone, or who want to meet new people.

Located in central Tulum, Mama’s Home is one of the more moderately priced hostels in the town. With a choice of both private rooms with ensuite and mixed bed dorms, both independent travelers and couples frequent this backpacker haven. Each room is fully equipped with towels, free Wi-Fi, and air-con, so you’ll sleep well even on those hot and humid Mexican nights.

Another bonus at Mama’s Home is the free breakfast. Served up on the outdoor terrace, guests will enjoy a Caribbean-style breakfast with a different menu each day. In fact, of all the positive reviews this hostel gets, it is the breakfast that guests keep going back for!

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Facilities at Mama’s Home are also excellent. Guests have full access to a shared kitchen for cooking, outdoor BBQ, fridge freezer, and even a microwave. The self-catering facilities at this hotel really do make life easier if you are on a budget and looking to save some money.

Mama's Home hostel Tulum
Mama’s Home Hostel, Tulum: Photo credit:

The real highlight at Mama’s Home has to be event organisation. The staff here really do encourage guests to mingle and socialise. Whether this is through a free local tour or a Pina Colada night, expect your days to be full during your stay here. In terms of location, Mama’s Home is surrounded by local bars and restaurants. So, if you want to keep partying after the 11 pm quiet time call, you can head out into Tulum for more fun!

Mama’s Home is a popular place for backpackers and is certainly one of the best hostels in Tulum. It’s perhaps not the cheapest accommodation on our list, but the atmosphere, cleanliness, and value for money definitely make it worthwhile!

El Jardin de Frida

This beautiful eco-friendly hostel is one of the best hostels in Tulum for relaxation, comfort, and taking in the Quintana Roo surroundings.

El Jardin De Frida is perfect for you backpackers that need time to catch up on some sleep, and have a few days off from the Mojitos. Nestled in the jungle, and a 15-minute walk from the hustle and bustle of central Tulum, this hostel is the perfect place to take it easy.

But don’t be fooled into thinking this backpacker paradise will cost you more than your budget. In fact, El Jardin De Frida is one of the cheapest hostels on our list. With a choice of private rooms or dorms, each one is full of authentic Mexican decor. Not only that, but the dorms are completely bunk-bed free! Yes, no climbing the ladder to bed at this hostel!

Despite the cheap rate per night, breakfast is still included in the price of your room. So, you can wake up from a restful night’s sleep knowing breakfast is taken care of.

Facilities at this hostel also include an outdoor swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, and board games and puzzles in the communal area.

Swimming Pool Tulum
Photo credit: Lukas Marek via Unsplash

Of course, if you’re looking to party whilst in Tulum, this probably isn’t the hostel to choose. If you do want to explore the local nightlife, local bars are only a short walk away. However, there are other hostels on our list that would deliver a better party experience.

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Amorcito Corazon Hotel y Hostel

Another more moderately priced hostel (although still not what you would call expensive), this hostel has a lot going for it – by that we mean a rooftop pool!

Amorcito Corazon Hotel y Hostel is in central Tulum, so it is the perfect accommodation if you’re up for exploring the local area. In fact, the hostel is located behind Tulum bus station, so it’s also a great place to be for those early journeys in and out of the town.

Choosing between a dorm or a private room is tough at the Amorcito Corazon Hotel y Hostel. This is mainly because the private rooms are some of the cheapest around Tulum. So, if you’re a solo traveler tempted to treat yourself to a private room – this is the place to do it! But regardless of which you choose, every room is clean, modern, and has a private bathroom.

The facilities are some of the best in central Tulum, particularly the self-catering. Guests have access to a shared kitchen, fridge freezer, microwave, and cooker. So, even if you’re tempted by all the wonderful local restaurants nearby, you can still save some pesos and eat in if you wish.

The Amorcito Corazon Hotel y Hostel also provides breakfast free with the cost of your room. You can look forward to a delicious continental breakfast served on the outdoor terrace each morning – lush!

Additional amenities at Amorcito Corazon Hotel y Hostel include the rooftop pool (we know we’ve mentioned that already but we love it!), bicycle hire, common room with cable TV, and a good old book exchange. So, you can hire a bicycle, grab a new book, and take a trip down to the local beach. How tempting does that sound?

Oostel Smart Hostel

A hostel that is intent on providing a sustainable, and technologically enhanced experience, guests will enjoy their stay at this unique Tulum hostel. It isn’t the cheapest hostel on our list, however, if you’re interested in accommodation with a different concept, it is certainly worth that bit extra.

Oostel Hostel Tulum Mexico
Photo credit: Mama’s Home Hostel @

Perhaps what makes this one of the best hostels in Tulum, is that it is so different from the rest. Guests begin their stay at the Oostel Smart Hostel by downloading the exclusive Oostel Smart app. This not only provides a seamless check-in and check-out, but it also gives you free access to the beach shuttle, beach clubs, and social hub too.

The Oostel Smart Hotel is also entirely cashless – a definite benefit for those who don’t want to carry cash. So, you can also use the Oostel app to pay for drinks, food, and other treats during your stay.

Facilities at this hostel include a swimming pool, on-site restaurant, and bar. All of these are great places to meet other guests and socialise with fellow travelers during your stay. Decor here is modern, clean, and has an expensive feel to it. In fact, the whole hostel has a certain luxurious feel to it.

When it comes to choosing your room, there is both a mixed dorm and a female-only dorm too. Not only that, but female guests can access a make-up area and walk-in changing room! The only downside to this hostel is that breakfast is not included in the price of the room, and there is no self-catering facility. So, if you’re on a budget and looking to save money, this might not be the best hostel for you.

The Oostel Smart Hostel is unlike any of the other hostels in Tulum – and is perhaps what the future of hostels will look like!

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What is the best area to stay in Tulum?

Pueblo neighborhood is the best place to stay in Tulum for easy access to the beach, cenotes, bars, restaurants, and everything in between. This vibrant area of Tulum is the most central area of the town. So, everything you will want to see and do in Tulum will be within walking distance – or cycling!

Of course, there are several different areas worth visiting whilst you’re in Tulum, depending on what you’re looking for. If you want nightlife, then Col Huracanes is definitely worth checking out. This little neighborhood east of Pueblo is packed full of clubs and bars. Plus, if you visit during the day, there are also shops that are worth checking out too.


Tulum beach, Mexico
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As you can see, there really are heaps of hostels to choose from when visiting Tulum, so it’s always worth researching where you want to stay beforehand. Our favourite on this list of best hostels in Tulum has to be Bambu Gran Palas. Any accommodation that is eco-friendly and has its own private cenote is a winner in our eyes!

Have you stayed at any of these Tulum hostels? Let us know, we’d love to hear your experiences!

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