The Best Beaches in La Paz, Mexico for Sun, Sea, & Wildlife

La Paz is the capital city of Mexican State Baja California Sur, and in recent years has grown in popularity. Yes, when you hear the word ‘city’, you don’t immediately think of white sand beaches and crystal blue water. But did you know La Paz has some of the best beaches in Mexico?

This historical city isn’t only famous for its rich history, ancient architecture, and traditional Mexican restaurants. It is, in fact, also known for its beautiful beaches and incredible marine life! But with so much glorious coast surrounding it, how do you know which are the best beaches to visit in La Paz, Mexico?

Well, if you’re pondering this question, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve chosen the 5 best beaches in La Paz, Mexico, so you can get planning your city break beach trips. Whether you want to swim with whale sharks, spot the local sea lions, or simply take Insta-worthy snapshots – we’ve got you covered!

Are you ready to take a journey to the paradise beaches of La Paz? Let’s go!

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White sand beach - best beaches in La Paz Mexico
Photo credit: Joe Cooke via Unsplash

The 5 Best Beaches in La Paz, Mexico: Find Sun, Sea & Sand

Visiting La Paz means being blessed with both the hustle and bustle of the city and the calming currents of the Sea of Cortez. Perhaps that’s what makes it a favourite over other destinations such as Los Cabos city, Cabo San Lucas! All of the beaches we have chosen below are within driving distance of the city of La Paz and can be reached in little under an hour.

So, let’s take a closer look at the best beaches in La Paz, Mexico!

Balandra Beach

Located only half an hour away from the city of La Pas, is the beautiful, and jaw-dropping Balandra Beach. Like a picture on the front of a postcard, this beach is all white sands and clear blue water. With a backdrop of desert cacti and rolling hills, you will struggle to believe that you’re so close to the bustle of city life.

But Balandra Beach isn’t only popular because it looks incredible. It’s also the perfect place to explore the local marine life. The clear waters make it the perfect spot for snorkelling, and you can easily spot triggerfish, sardines and dartfish. Pelicans are often seen hunting in this area too.

If you’re looking for watersports, Balandra beach is a great sport for SUP (Stand-up Paddleboarding), and kayaking too. The waters here are almost completely still, and so you can even spot aquatic life whilst you practice your watersports. If you decide to kayak, you can journey deeper into the lush green mangroves where there are even more birds and aquatic life lurking. Plus, don’t forget to find El Hongo, the famous mushroom-shaped rock that is regularly used in tourism photos for La Paz!

Balandra beach rock formation with bird flying across horizon
Photo credit: Gaston Bazzino Ferreri via Unsplash ( Balandra Beach Rock Formation)

Visitors to Balandra beach range from couples, to groups of friends, to families with children. The look and atmosphere of this beach are perfect for everyone – but it does get busy. So, we recommend going early to enjoy the peace and quiet – and to get the best photos too!

Also, remember to pack your own food and drink. When we say this beach is deserted, we mean it, and there are no restaurants or bars here if you get hungry or thirsty!

Top Tips For Visiting Balandra Beach

  1. Go early to avoid the crowds!
  2. Take plenty of food and drink for the day.
  3. Watch out for sting-rays in the shallow water!

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Isla Espiritu Santo

A World Heritage Site, and home to some of the best beaches in La Paz, Mexico, is Espiritu Santo Island. This glorious island off the coast of La Paz is a popular day trip for tourists – and for good reason too.

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Home to sea lions, orca, dolphins, and if you’re lucky humpback whales(!), this island is a haven of biodiversity. Which is, of course why it’s so popular with snorkellers and divers!

Each of the bays on the island is a white sand beach, and the waters are incredibly clear and inviting. So, you can go diving or snorkelling here, or just enjoy swimming in these heavenly waters. Camping is only permitted on the island with a licence, but some tour operators will offer this as a package. Plus, if you’re into astronomy, you’ll be amazed by the clear skies and stargazing on this island!

Best beaches in La Paz Mexico - man standing on rock overlooking white sand beach
Photo credit: Greg Neff via Unsplash

The only way to access Isla Espiritu Santo is via boat. Luckily, there are tonnes of tour operators that run day trips to and from the island, so you won’t struggle to book a visit. You can also book watersports through the operators, including snorkelling and diving if you want to check out the amazing wildlife. If you’re staying in central La Paz, or near La Paz Bay, you may even be able to book trips through your hotel, but we’d recommend shopping around for the best deal if you can.

Isla Espiritu Santo is said to be one of the most beautiful islands on the Sea of Cortez, and it attracts visitors from all over the world each year. We highly recommend visiting this island, it might just be one of the best things you do in La Paz!

Top Tips For Visiting Isla Espiritu Santo

  1. Book your trip early as this is a popular tourist attraction.
  2. Try snorkelling to see the amazing marine life!
  3. If you decide to camp on the island, remember to leave no trace!

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Isla Partida

The smaller but no less beautiful Isla Partida is connected to the island of Espiritu Santo by a sandbar. Home to yet more of the best beaches in La Paz, Mexico, this little island is another that is well worth a visit.

If you’re seeking out yet more incredible marine life, the Isla Partida will definitely not disappoint. Snorkelling and diving are also popular on this island and the waters are often a little quieter than its larger neighbouring island. Of course, the quieter your dive spot, the more likely you are to see those elusive sea turtles and whale sharks, popular visitors to the Isla Partida!

Whale shark swimming underwater - best beaches in La Paz, Mexico
Photo credit:
Matthew T Rader via Unsplash

When it comes to beautiful beaches, this uninhabited island doesn’t disappoint. With crescent-shaped coastlines and clear, white sands, the Isla Partida is the epitome of a paradise island. Due to the beautiful landscapes and watersport opportunities, this is a popular place for families, friends, and solo travellers alike. So, whilst it might not be as busy as Espiritu Santo, it still attracts the crowds in high season.

Again, there are numerous tour operators that provide day trips and overnight camping to Isla Partida. Downtown La Paz is a great spot to find good deals (plus check out the markets and shops there too!).

Isla Partida might just be home to one of the best beaches in La Paz, Mexico – but you’ll have to go and see for yourself!

Top Tips For Visiting Isla Partida

  1. Book your day trip early to avoid disappointment.
  2. Go early to avoid the crowds!
  3. Take your own food and drink.

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Tecolote Beach

Another one of the best beaches in La Paz, Mexico, is Tecolote Beach. Despite its secluded location, roughly 30 minutes out of the city, this is certainly a more lively choice if you’re looking for a fun-filled day out.

Tecolote beach is equally as picturesque as other beaches on our list, however, it is certainly more visitor-friendly. Yes, you don’t need to worry about packing food or water for a day out here. Tecolote has a beachfront restaurant serving ice-cold drinks, and simple, but tasty international cuisine. Not forgetting access to toilets which is always a bonus!

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In addition to the restaurant, watersports are also popular here, and you can expect to see jet skis and water-skis shooting across the horizon. So, if you’re tired of sunbathing and soaking up the sun, try out kayaking, paddleboarding, or snorkelling here!

Two people snorkeling
Photo credit:
Dan Gold via Unsplash

But don’t let the activity put you off visiting Tecolote beach. This is still one of the most beautiful beaches in La Paz, Mexico. The clear waters are deep enough to swim, and the sunsets here are truly breathtaking.

You can arrange transport to Tecolote beach from the city. Popular hotels such as Casa al Mar arrange trips for guests, and many other hotels will also offer this service for an additional fee.

Top Tips For Visiting Tecolote Beach

  1. Get there early to avoid the crowds!
  2. Stay for sunset if you can.
  3. Keep your eyes peeled for stingrays and other marine life!

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Malecon Beach

Another one of the best beaches in La Paz, Mexico is the Malecon. You might not choose this beach for swimming or snorkelling, but if you’re looking for the best sunset in the city – you’ll be sure to find it here.

The Malecon is the promenade that runs straight down the entirety of the city. Lined with bars, restaurants, and shops, this is a lively area. In fact, it’s one of the places you must explore during your visit. The atmosphere down the Malecon is like no other. Full of friendly locals gathering at sunset, vendors selling delicious foods, and craft makers sharing their art, you’ll truly feel the vibrancy of the city.

The beach itself isn’t secluded like Balandra, and you wouldn’t choose the Malecon for watersports. But if you want to walk along the beach at sunset, grab a cocktail, or some dinner, then the Malecon is a perfect choice. If you do walk the length of the Malecon, don’t forget to check out the huge art sculptures that feature along the promenade too!

Sunset over the ocean with boat in foreground - best beaches in La Paz Mexico
Photo credit: Armando Castillejos via Unsplash

Of course, if you’re staying in central La Paz, you can get a taxi or walk down to the Malecon quite easily. It is also a popular area for accommodation too. The popular Costa Baja Resort and Spa is only fifteen minutes away, which offers guests a luxurious outdoor swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, and incredible sea views!

Top Tips For Visiting Malecon

  1. Watch the sunset at Malecon beach for breathtaking views!
  2. Keep a lookout for rollerbladers whizzing down the prom.
  3. See if you can spot all the art sculptures as you walk along the sea wall!

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To Conclude

If you’re looking for a vacation that combines vibrant city life with the calming, relaxation of a paradise island, then the Mexican City of La Paz is well worth a visit. The beaches here hold some of the rarest and most exquisite marine life in the world. Plus, the views really will blow you away!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about the best beaches in the Mexican city of La Paz, and that you have the opportunity to visit them yourself on your next trip!

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