Top 9 Best Beaches in Koh Phangan 

Koh Phangan is home to a bounty of luscious palm trees and exotic beaches, boasting stunning views as far as the eye can see. Trying to pick a single beach on the island can be difficult as there are many beaches to take into consideration. 

Whether you are looking for beach bars and parties, or a secluded and peaceful beach to escape – on Koh Phangan, everyone will find his or her perfect haven.

Are you planning on exploring some of Koh Phangan’s most beautiful beaches? Well, in this guide we will show you the most spectacular beaches on Koh Phangan.

In no particular order, here is our pick of the top 9 best beaches in Koh Phangan:

1. Haad Yao Beach Koh Phangan

Haad Yao Beach situates in the more hippier side of the island, surrounded by an abundance of yoga centres and vegan eateries. Haad Yao beach has a deep sense of connection to nature and the environment, making it a trendy destination for backpackers.

haad yao beach

The beach is arguably one of Koh Phangan’s most spectacular beaches and can be found on the North West of the island. The beach is 1km in length and plenty of space wide, Haad Yao (meaning ‘long beach’ in Thai) is commonly referred to as the “perfect” beach.

A less commonly known fact is the coral reef which surrounds the island to the west and south and is a phenomenal area for snorkelling. The waters are crystal blue and contain a marvellous selection of marine life.

Getting to the beach 

The route to Haad Yao is straightforward as the roads are paved and signposted. Any form of transportation will take you there.

  • Scooter
  • Taxi
  • Walk (If you are staying in the local area, then the beach is within walking distance and easy to access through any of the nearby resorts)
Haad Yao views
Haad Yao beach views

Food and Drink

There are plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from, but we have listed below a few of our personal favourite:

Vagga Bar – A magical little restaurant, and one of our favourites on the entire island. The restaurant has an assortment of seating, with incent candles placed on each of the tables. The beanbags are particularly enjoyable to lounge on.

Haad Yao Bayview Resort – Attached to a large resort in Haad Yao, it’s hard to ignore the rather seemingly big restaurant. The establishment sits beside the rocky foundations on the beach, where you can enjoy anything from western cuisine to traditional Thai classics.

Vagga Bar koh phangan
Vagga Bar Koh Phangan

Nearby Accommodation:

See Through Resort Haad Yao – a 3-star resort, directly on the beautiful golden sands of Haad Yao beach. The resort occupies a large swimming pool that runs an impressive length of the building. The resort is primarily known for it’s the decorative and playful lit-up bar. There is a selection of rooms available, from bungalows to places in the main building.

Haad Yao Bayview Resort – a sizeable 3-star resort, perched on the island’s bay hillside. The resort has two swimming pools and a grand restaurant on the beach.

2. Bottle Beach Koh Phangan

If you know anything about Koh Phangan, then you’ve probably heard of Bottle Beach. It’s easily one of the best beaches in Koh Phangan.

Bottle Beach is a must-visit hideaway that boasts stunning views, a white sand beach, and crystal blue waters. If you’re seeking a place to escape, then look no further. Most of your time at Bottle Beach will be spent relaxing and unwinding, enjoying the breathtaking views and the sounds of the splashing waves. 

bottle beach

Getting to the beach: 

  • Taxi – You can grab a taxi from anywhere on the island, to Chaloklum. From Chaloklum you will need to take a Longtail Boat.
  • Scooter- Although it is possible to access the beach by motorcycle, we highly discourage it as the roads are incredibly steep and unsurfaced.
  • Longtail Boat – You can catch a boat from Chaloklum that will take you directly to the beach. A one-way boat fare will cost you between 100-150 baht.

Food and Drink

Most of the local resorts have a restaurant included where you can grab a bite to eat. Both western and traditional Thai dishes are available. 

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pad thai bottle beach
Delicious Pad Thai on Bottle Beach

Nearby Accommodation

Please find below a few of the best accommodation options on Bottle Beach:

Haad Khuad Resort – An excellent 3-star resort that has an assortment of humble small huts situated directly on the sand. The cabins feature charming interior decor in the bedrooms and bathrooms and come in either one-story or two-story apartments.

Smile Bungalow Bottle Beach – Rated a well deserved three stars, each Bungalow comes complete with an ensuite bathroom, balcony and interior fan.

Bottle Beach 1 Resort – This fashionable 3-star resort is composed of coloured bungalows, available with either air-con or fan fitted rooms. It also boasts a large open pool if you don’t fancy the salty seawater. 

Wherever you choose, we wouldn’t recommend staying on Bottle Beach any longer than 1-2 nights as there is little to do other than see the beach itself.


Also known as Haad Khuat Beach, Bottle Beach sits on the Northwest tip of the island.

3. Mae Haad Koh Phangan

Mae Haad beach is a slightly more interesting beach due to the fact it’s connected to a national preserve and marine park named Koh Ma. You can access Koh Ma by walking along a narrow section of sand from Mae Haad during low tide. The beach is located at the North West of Koh Phangan, and is possibly one of the most popular beaches on the island due to its link to Koh Ma. 


The beach is wide-spread and has various massage huts and resorts situated along the front of the beach. You will find beach swings, hammocks and the usual attractions you find on the beaches of Koh Phangan. The sand on Mae Haad typical for Phangan; fairly fine and soft, and extremely yellow.

4. Haad Yuan Beach Koh Phangan 

Haad Yuan beach is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in Koh Phangan. Here you will find the most amazingly perfect beach. Picture-postcard views, white sand, clear aqua-blue waters and wonderful panorama. If you like to relax and you’re looking for somewhere to unwind on Koh Phangan, we would definitely recommend looking for accommodation here.

Haad Yuan koh phangan

The island is difficult to get to and only accessible via Taxi Boat, hence you will not find many visitors here. Taxi fares vary slightly depending on the season, but you can expect to pay anywhere between 200 and 300 baht one way.  

5. Secret Beach Koh Phangan

Last on the list is Koh Phangan, Secret Beach. Although it’s called secret beach, it’s no longer really that secret since the growing number of tourists who visit here every year. This said, the beach is still very beautiful with soft white sand, shallow waters and magnificent sunsets. 

secret beach koh phangan

The only downsides to Secret beach is that there isn’t many shaded spots to hide from the sun and it can get extremely busy during tourist season. Still, this is one of our favourite beaches on Koh Phangan and definitely not a place to be missed! 

best beaches in koh phangan

There are plenty of other beaches that can be found on the island of Koh Phangan which are not mentioned on the list, these are just a few of our personal favourites. 

6. Haad Khom Beach

Haad Khom Beach Koh Phangan

Haad Khom Beach is by far our favourite beach on Koh Phangan. You won’t find much information about this beach online as the locals try to keep it a secret but, if you do visit, you will understand why this beach is such a hidden gem.

Irrefutably one of the best beaches we have visited in all of our travels. From the moment you step inside the bay, clear turquoise waters stand to greet you.

Boulders scatter across the beach and sea, sometimes remaining buried until a wave unearths them. Please step cautiously. Surprisingly, though, the rocks are ideal for lying on to fulfil all of your mermaid fantasies.

Getting to the beach

  • Taxi- You shouldn’t have any problems finding the beach if arriving in a Taxi, as most of the locals already know the beach. 
  • Scooter – We always recommend travelling by bike as it’s easier to explore the beach and to venture off to nearby beaches afterwards. There is available parking at the beach resorts.
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haad khom accomodation

Food and Drink 

Ocean View Resort occupies the main restaurant on the beach; they sell a variety of the usual beverages: shakes, juices, alcoholic drinks and fresh coconuts. The restaurant also has a food menu; however, we did feel it was a tad on the expensive side.


If you would like to stay on the main beachfront, then you have three options to choose from:

  • Coconut Beach Bungalows
  • Coral Bay
  • Ocean View Resort


Haad Khom is challenging to find due to the lack of signposts. The beach lives on the north face of the island.

7. Leela Beach

leela beach

Another one of the best beaches in Koh Phangan is Leela Beach. Not many people have heard of this beach, which adds to the magic of the quaint paradise

Unlike its neighbouring beach Haad Rin, Leela Beach remains somewhat lowkey and isolated. The beach stretches across 800m and boasts white sands, clear waters, and a calm atmosphere. There are palm trees dotted around the beach which are quite useful in providing shaded areas to escape the sun. 


A day trip to Leela Beach can be nice, but what about staying there? There are three resorts to choose from if you want to stay on Leela Beach:


Finding Leela Beach is really easy – just follow the directions to Cocohut Resort (Cocohut is the main resort there).

8. Haad Salad Beach

Haad Salad beach

Easily one of our favorite beaches in Koh Phangan is Haad Salad. Found on the northwestern side of the island, this slice of paradise is the perfect stop to relax and unwind.

Again, this beach is somewhat hidden and is the complete opposite of beaches like Haad Rin. The beach is what you would consider paradise: white sand beaches surrounded by green cliffs and swaying palm trees.

If you enjoy being underwater, then Haad Salad has some of the best snorkeling spots in Koh Phangan. Expect to find an array of colorful fish with excellent visibility.

Food and Drink 

There are a handful of restaurants in Haad Salad found directly on the beachfront such as Cookie’s Salad, My Way, and Jeng’s restaurant. Many kinds of food are available to suit all types of budgets. You can find pretty much any Thai dish, as well as a range of international favorites, including pizza and burgers.  

9. Chaloklum Beach

chaloklum beach

Chaloklum Beach is roughly 2.5km long and resides on the northern side of the island. The area is predominantly a fishing village with a very sleepy and laid back vibe.

The beach is one of a kind and is amongst the most peaceful and quietest places in Koh Phangan.

Food and Drink 

There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance of Chaloklum Beach. As you can expect with any fishing village, seafood is the typical dish of choice. Favorite restaurants include Aunjai Seafood, The Beach Cafe, and Texas Restaurant & Bar.

Which is the best beach in Ko Phangan for kids and families?

The most family-friendly beach in Koh Phangan is Thong Nai Pan. The beach is clean, safe, and usually quiet. The water is shallow, allowing your children to play by the waterfront as you watch and relax from afar.

Which is the best beach in Ko Phangan for couples?

For couples, the best beach in Koh Phangan is Bottle Beach. Located in the northern tip of the island, Bottle Beach provides exclusivity, beauty, and an overall nice and romantic setting.

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